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What is Full Board?

What is Full Board?

With so many board bases from Room Only to cheap All Inclusive holidays, it can be tricky deciding what to go for. Here, we break down exactly what going Full Board means, and what you can expect with this board option.

What is a Full Board holiday?

Full Board means that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the holiday price, but any drinks or snacks outside these meal times will cost you extra. Full Board is easily confused with All Inclusive, but doesn’t have quite the same offerings, which can have its benefits, depending on your holiday preferences.

Many holidaymakers love going Full Board because it leaves room for you to get out and experience a destination’s nightlife scene for yourself. With drinks not included in the price, you don’t have to feel guilty about spending money on drinks elsewhere.

That said, Full Board still usually includes a basic range of drinks, like tea, juice and coffee. And many holidaymakers enjoy three meals without fizzy or alcoholic drinks and snacks anyway, so this option allows them to save money on amenities they wouldn’t have used in the first place.

What are the benefits of booking Full Board?

Stay by the pool

If lounging by your hotel pool all day is your idea of a perfect holiday, Full Board is a great option, as your nearest meal is only ever a few steps away. Depending on your hotel’s range of activities, Full Board can be great if you find it difficult tearing yourself away from the fun.

Cost effective

Other than drinks and any light snacks between meals you won’t have to worry about the added expenditure of dining out, so Full Board is a great option for those watching their finances.

You can feel secure in the knowledge that all your meals are covered, leaving you with just your drinks and and snacks to pay for. You’ll only have to shell out more cash if you want to.

Great for kids

Full Board is a top option for families with children. Come lunchtime you can simply herd your little ones from the pool to the hotel restaurant without the drama of getting them ready and shuffling out of the resort in search of a family-friendly establishment.

Full Board is less time-consuming and definitely less stressful, so parents can relax knowing that breakfast, lunch and dinner are all taken care of.

Other types of package holidays

  • Room only – This board basis is a much-loved choice for its flexibility and is great for those who are looking to try new restaurants, as it includes no meals or cooking facilities.
  • Self Catering – Self Catering means meals aren’t included in the price of your holiday package, but you’ll be provided with facilities to prepare meals and snacks. This is a good option if you’re travelling with picky eaters, or are interested in trying the local cuisine and want to save a little extra cash, that would otherwise be spent on dining out.
  • Bed and Breakfast – When you choose Bed and Breakfast, only your breakfast will be included in your stay. It’s a favourite for explorers that want to have a meal in the morning but eat out for the rest of the day.
  • Half Board – With Half Board, you can take advantage of two meals per day, usually breakfast and dinner. This option excludes drinks except for basics such as tea and juice. It’s is a great choice if you’re holidaying with kids or want to have a little flexibility.
  • All Inclusive – All Inclusive is the biggie, as it means everything is included in the price you pay. Flights, hotel, three meals a day, drinks and snacks are all covered, though the food and drinks on offer will vary based on your hotel. All Inclusive is a crowd-pleaser because it offers excellent value for money.

Find out which board basis is best for you right HERE!

With our package holidays, you’ve got the choice of hotels with boards ranging from Self Catering to All Inclusive, with plenty of options in between. Have a look at what we’ve got to offer and see what suits you best.