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What Happens Mid-Air Stays Mid-Air….But Not For Long!

A female Qantas employee is under investigation by the airline after claims over a ‘mile high’ sex romp with a male passenger.

The pair were sitting next to one another in the business class section of the Los Angeles bound flight on October 6 when they began flirting with each other.

The female involved, who was not a flight attendant, had been drinking champagne and was travelling on a discounted staff ticket to fly from Melbourne to the U.S.

The pair were eventually separated by cabin crew and forced to sit apart when other passengers complained after the pair began fondling each other underneath a blanket when the cabin lights were dimmed for the long-haul flight.

Australia’s flagship airliner, Qantas, said: “The matter is being dealt with. The employee has returned to work.”

This isn’t the first time Qantas have been named for their staffs ‘mile high’ antics.

In 2007, Hollywood star Ralph Fiennes hit the headlines after an onboard romp with a Qantas stewardess on a Mumbai bound flight.

Australian Lisa Robertson, 41, claimed to have spent 15 minutes with the actor in a cubicle at 35,000ft after admitting she had ‘always fancied’ the actor.

Following the incident, shocked and suspicious cabin crew members reported Miss Robertson to airline bosses, leading to her later dismissal.

The former stewardess bragged to friends that after flirting and kissing the actor, she led him to the toilet, locked the door and continued to have passionate, and apparently unprotected sex.

After giving the actor her telephone number, Miss Robertson told friends that she later received his call and fled to his hotel whereby she spent the evening practising safe sex with ‘the English patient’ star.

The dignified actor kept his views and opinions to himself, releasing no statement of his actions, other than to set the story straight, admitting that the ‘incident’ was consensual and not one way, as Miss Robertson had initially led people to believe.