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What can I expect at an inexpensive all-inclusive resort?

When you’re on holiday, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing – it’s all about escaping the daily grind, relaxing and recharging. That’s why all-inclusive packages have soared in popularity in recent years, as has the number of resorts offering the all-in service. Fortunately, there are a lot of inexpensive all-inclusive resorts that can offer you a hassle-free holiday, whatever your budget, in some of the best family resorts.

What’s the deal with all-inclusive food?

Although the exact details of what a resort offers vary slightly from resort to resort, most will offer a similar deal. In terms of food, all your meals for the day will be covered – breakfast, lunch and dinner. These will generally be served in two or three-hour windows so that you can suit yourself when you eat. Outwith meal times, most resorts will offer complimentary snacks and often as much ice cream as you can eat (be sensible now!) that is a great deal when you consider the expensive alternative!

Most resorts will operate a buffet service for the main meals of the day but there are many all-inclusive resorts that also boast at least one à la carte restaurant which you are often entitled to visit on at least one evening of your holiday. Make sure you check out what’s included in your all-inclusive deal and how to claim it – you may have to book a table in advance, for example.

Are there free drinks as well?

There’s never been a better way to get a round of drinks in than when you go all inclusive. Hot drinks and soft drinks will generally be available all day and alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours. Where this is the case, alcohol is generally served from around 11am to 11pm, similar to standard pub opening times in the UK. One thing to note is that the beer, wine and spirits on offer will not generally be familiar big brand names but is more likely to be locally-produced. This does not mean they are of a lesser quality, however, and a free drink by the pool in the sunshine always tastes great anyway!

Is anything else included?

Often a resort will offer complimentary activities as well as food and drink. Some offer watersports or activity classes but it’s best to check what’s included at your resort before you book. Evening entertainment is also often provided.

Some of the best inexpensive all-inclusive deals can be found at resorts in the likes of Tunisia, Turkey, Spain and Bulgaria and it really is a great way of ensuring you get fantastic value for money on your next sunshine holiday.