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Welcome to Jamaica

Jamaica at a glance

Few islands in the Caribbean can match the claims to fame enjoyed by Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music and once the haunt of pirates and adventurers in ages past.

Today, Jamaica’s a modern island full of positive attitude and effortlessly beautiful beaches, such as those found in Montego Bay.

Things to do

Golfing for all

With 12 golf courses spread out across the island, Jamaica is a popular destination for lovers of the game. All skill levels will find a series of fairways and greens eager to enjoy. You can get lessons if you’re just starting out too.

Adventures aplenty

It could be bamboo rafting down the river, taking on the waves on waterskis, riding your ATV through the muddy paths inland or being daring on the ziplines over the trees.

Jamaica has tons of adventures on offer, and even the chance to try your hand at bobsledding if you fancy following some famous footsteps.

Bathe in waterfalls

While days by the beach and swimming in the sea are one thing, Jamaica is home to countless gorgeous waterfalls that let you immerse yourself in natural, soul cleansing water.

Check out Dunn’s River Falls close to Ocho Rios for a jungle trail leading to some of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ve ever seen.

Tour a rum factory

While we all enjoy a cheeky glass or two of this golden goodness, if you’ve ever wondered how it’s made, you need wonder no more. 30 minutes’ drive from Falmouth is Hampden Estate, a distillery in picturesque grounds whose tours not only show you how rum’s made, but even go as far back as the 1700s in showing off its history.

Tour the coastline

Whether it’s by modern catamaran, classic sailboat or as part of a big party boat, Jamaica has a watercraft for every occasion.

You can explore the waterways further inland, or choose the more popular tours and cruises along the coastline, all offering superb sun and endlessly photogenic views of the island and its water.

5 fun facts about Jamaica

  1. Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee is among the most sought after in the world for its flavour.
  2. Over 200 species of orchid flourish across Jamaica, and 73 of those are unique to the island.
  3. Ian Fleming penned his James Bond novels while living in Jamaica.
  4. During the 1400s, Christopher Columbus called Jamaica the “fairest isle eyes ever beheld”. No wonder tourism took off!
  5. Jamaica is home to over 50 public beaches, so there’s room for everyone to lay down their towel.


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At this hotel, not only can you enjoy a private beachfront retreat with Jamaica’s biggest swimming pool, but you’ve also got the choice of seven restaurants come mealtime.

With everything from authentic Jamaican to homegrown Italian dishes on offer, the flavours are matched only by the chic ambience, best experienced with a Mai Tai by the balcony.





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Cabins on the beach, aptly named Runaway Bay, give you a brilliant retreat from everyday stresses and strains.

Waking up and stepping onto pale warm sand is one thing, but the nightly live music is another, showing how well this place mixes rest and play. Hop on a pedalo to explore the water or enjoy Red Stripe in the bar.





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Recently refurbished to look even more pristine against its equally handsome natural surroundings, Clubhotel Riu Negril is situated right on its namesake beach.

Expect to nod off to gently lapping sea waves in its spacious rooms, before whiling your day away in the sports bar with its framed pictures of Jamaican athletes, or at the patio bar where cocktails in the sun entice.

Meals are served in a gaggle of restaurants that mix Brazilian, American, Italian and Asian influences to delicious effect.

Jamaica has so much to offer, and just a glimpse at our guide is all you need to get in the mood to recline on its sunny shores. If you’ve any happy memories of this dream island, let us know in the comments.