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Welcome to Greece

Greetings from Greece, one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Greece has over 2,000 islands, each with their own unique culture and individual sun-kissed beaches. One thing they all have in common though is their laid-back vibe. In Greece the pace is slow, and you can visit the cities, beaches and historical monuments all at your leisure. With so much to see and do let’s get cracking and find out why Greece is our destination of the month.

Greece at a glance

There are a lot of options when it comes to holidaying in Greece. Corfu is on the west side of Greece and is home to luscious forests, golden beaches and a climate shared with its neighbour Italy. It’s also one of the most historic Greek islands to visit, with a fortified cityscape, Old Venetian Fortress and structures from the Ottoman Empire. You won’t run out of places to explore down Corfu’s cobblestone streets.

On the other side of the coin, Greece’s top island for nightlife has got to be cosmopolitan Mykonos. This vibrant island comes to life with the setting sun, and is home to numerous bars, karaoke joints, beach parties, clubs, and cocktail bars.

Meanwhile, for peace and relaxation, Santorini cannot be beaten. This quiet island has been the backdrop for countless novels, films and travel posters. Santorini takes things down a notch, with tranquil wine-tasting vineyards, natural beauty and idyllic white-washed buildings built into the cliffs. The views out towards the water will leave you breathless.

Things To Do

Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler’s Cove can be found on the island of Zante along Navagio Beach. This gorgeous cove has creamy white sand and inviting blue seas. It’s named Smuggler’s Cove thanks to the rusted hull of a smuggler’s ship that was abandoned in 1980 on these shores. You can go for a swim in these warm waters or explore the famous shipwreck.

The Water Park

Known simply as ‘The Water Park’, this larger than life splash park spreads over 25 acres and its big ferris wheel will give you fantastic views over Rhodes. Spend the day enjoying a full range of high-adrenaline water rides, as well as a pirate ship, and toddler’s pool with Funny Bridge that sprays water on whoever dares cross.

Try the famous Cretan diet

Studies have shown that Cretans typically live longer than much of the rest of the world. That’s because their diet consists of plenty of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and good quality wine. Venture to Crete and taste your way through the numerous restaurants, serving up Cretan classics like moussaka, fried calamari, fresh fish fillets and seasoned octopus.

Uncover the history

In 146 BCE the Roman empire invaded Greece and its colonies and left remnants of its occupation throughout the years. Rhodes has numerous Roman ruins all waiting to be explored and, as the historic capital of Greece, also has the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe. Filled with impressive medieval buildings, water fountains and Byzantine and Gothic churches, you’ll have no end of fascinating historic buildings and monuments to discover on a trip to Rhodes.

Life’s a beach

It wouldn’t be Greece without visiting a few of its beautiful beaches. Kos has over 20 coastlines with pebbles, sand, hot springs and even naturist beaches. The beaches in Kos are well organised and have plenty of sunloungers and umbrellas for hire. They also have restaurants, cafes and shops lining the shore. Spend the day stretched out in the sunshine or joining in with the fantastic watersport facilities including kitesurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Fun facts about Greece

  1. Greek people are very superstitious. The most common superstition is the Evil Eye, whose negative vibes bring bad luck to those who see its evil glance. If you do get the evil eye the way to get rid of it is to wear the colour blue and have people spit on you lightly as you pass by – we’re serious!
  2. No point in Greece is more than 137 kilometres from water. No matter where you go in Greece you won’t be far from a body of water, whether it’s the river or the sea. Greece has almost 15,000 kilometres of coastline, the 10th longest in the world.
  3. Santa Claus is traditionally Greek. Saint Nicholas was renowned for miracle making and secret gift-giving. Over the years he’s transformed into a jolly red suit wearing man, but his roots are still the kind man who left coins in people’s shoes.
  4. Greece is the birthplace of the Olympics. The Olympic Games were first held in Greece in 776 BCE, and the winner was awarded with an olive wreath. Today you can still visit the spot that the Olympics first took place, Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula.
  5. Much of our modern language comes from Greece. The Greek language is one of the oldest in Europe and has been around for over 3,000 years. Numerous English words are derived from it including telephone, academy and alphabet.


Here are some of our favourite hotels in Greece.

Holiday Village Rhodes

Holiday Village Atlantica Rhodes gets top marks for its pool scene – you’ve got lively ones, quiet ones, and a massive splash park with slides and a lazy river. As for bedrooms, they’re really smart, with design-mag décor.

The restaurant count includes a trio of à la cartes, and when it comes to activities, stuff like kayaking, football and tennis is on the agenda. The beach is only a five-minute walk away.





Discount = today’s online saving on TUI’s in-store price, plus any applicable further reduction against this holiday’s launch price


Sensatori Resort Rhodes

TUI Sensatori Resort Atlantica Rhodes opens its doors for the first time in summer 2018. You can expect design-led interiors from the outset – landscaped pools will blend into sea views on the horizon, and the rooms will be Scandinavian-inspired with colour-pop accessories.

While the interiors will be ultra-modern, the resort’s surroundings are authentic through-and-through. In this part of Rhodes, a sprinkling of traditional tavernas rustle up home-made cuisine, and the Blue Flag beach is right outside the property.





Discount = today’s online saving on TUI’s in-store price, plus any applicable further reduction against this holiday’s launch price


Katerina Palace Hotel

The Katerina’s pool duo is the real talking point. Plus there’s a small pebble beach a few minutes’ walk away. Talking of location, a couple of minutes further and you’ll come to bars and restaurants.

When it comes to food, there’s a Continental buffet breakfast every morning and the pool bar serves a good range of snacks. Meanwhile, the regular Greek night gives you chance to try the locals’ favourite dishes.





Aqualand Village

The waterpark here lines up adrenaline-pumping stuff like the Black Hole and Kamikaze slides. Plus there’s family rafting, a lazy river and the world’s third-largest wave pool.

Once you’ve dried off, you’ll find a handful of bars and restaurants, plus rooms that come with satellite TV, air-con and private balconies.





Discount = today’s online saving on TUI’s in-store price, plus any applicable further reduction against this holiday’s launch price


Ready for your next Greek holiday? Let us know what you’re most excited to see and do in the comments below.