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Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

The Famous Las Vegas Sign

Famous for its round the clock casinos, Las Vegas package holidays are a once-in-a-lifetime experience somewhere that is often described as Disneyland for adults!!! However, until you have visited this amazing city you really just cannot appreciate the sheer range of entertainment on offer here, from shows straight from Broadway to Michelin Star restaurants with world famous chefs, not to mention miles of nightlife and shopping which attracts the rich and famous from across the world on a regular basis.

I have visited Las Vegas for the past two years, and both trips were for two weeks. Two holidays for two weeks in the last two years?! You may wonder what on earth I could fill up four weeks worth of holiday with, but I am already planning my next trip to Las Vegas for next year!!

You may be thinking there is nothing to do apart from gamble your fortune away in the casinos, which brings me firstly to gambling. You may feel you have no interest in gambling and that there is no appeal. However, when you visit Las Vegas you will become hooked! You will be overwhelmed by the endless slot machines, stretching for rows and rows, the groups of people gathered around the craps table all cheering when the dice give them the numbers they want, the endless tables offering any variety of poker and video blackjack. These machines are so popular that most bars have them sunk into the bar itself, so you can play whilst sitting and enjoying a drink. Lots of fun but so easy to get hooked!!! Las Vegas has so, so much more to offer than just gambling though.

Emma’s Top Ten Unmissables:

1) The Mirage volcano

2) The lion habitat at the MGM Grand

3) Helicopter night flight over the strip

4) The fountains at the Bellagio

5) The Grand Canyon

6) The Rainforest Café at MGM Grand

7) The Eiffel Tower at Pairs

8) Bills Gamblin’ Hall and Casino

9) Hoover Damn and Lake Mead cruise

10) The famous Las Vegas sign

Above I have listed just a tiny pinch of what this blazing city has to share. Within Las Vegas you can visit almost any city in the world by visiting themed hotels that are taken to the extreme. Over the course of a day you can have a stroll through Central Park, visit the canals of Venice and take a Gondola ride through St Marks Square at the Hotel Venetian, and have a night out at Times Square in the hotel New York New York… Take a trip up the Eiffel Tower at the hotel Paris, offering amazing views of the strip day or night or visit the Coliseum to see a show and take in the fantastic Forum Shops at the hotel Caesars Palace.

Hotel Paris

This is just scraping the surface, and I could go on, but instead I would just like to share with you my experiences of my favourite hotel; a Polynesian themed resort complete with a giant aquarium, waterfall pools, huge atrium and a volcano which explodes every hour when the sun sets – The Mirage. This 5* deluxe hotel has some delectable restaurants and an incredible Cirque Du Soleil show called ‘Love’ which is a must see for any Beatles fan, as they have taken some of the most popular songs by the band and put together an amazing show.

I’m coming to the end of my blog but there is so much more I could tell you. I think it is useful to bear in mind that from Las Vegas you can visit the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn and Lake Mead. All of these are a must and you can combine them all into one trip. Another thing to consider is a trip to LA from Las Vegas, internal flights can be easily booked and the flight is just 1 hour.

I cannot recommend Las Vegas enough and I feel jealous when I find out that other people are going! If you ever have the opportunity to go please don’t miss out, even if you think you might not like it. I implore you not to miss this once in a lifetime city- you might even catch the Las Vegas bug, like I have, and you will never want to go anywhere else! All that is left for me to say is Viva Las Vegas!!!

By Emma L