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Welcome on-board TUI’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

If you enjoy flying on the TUI Dreamliner, then you’ll love this. With a commitment to being the world’s most carbon-efficient tour operator, TUI have added a brand new aircraft to their UK fleet- welcome on board the Boeing 737 MAX. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so special…

Lower carbon emissions

With the travel and tourism sector currently being urged to find new, innovative and sustainable ways to reduce its carbon footprint, TUI are raising the bar with this one. The Boeing 737 MAX is designed with features that allow it to save 20% on fuel and emit 14% fewer carbon emissions than any other aircraft of its size.

A tranquil take off

There’s no getting away from the fact that airlines can be noisy. During take-off, landing or simply due to the altitude when flying overhead, aircrafts produce a considerable amount of noise. Again, TUI have a solution. The Boeing 737 MAX is 40% quieter than the previous Boeing 737-NG, so whether you’re wanting a snooze or to relax with a G&T, you can do so with very little disturbance.

Where can I fly to on the TUI Boeing 737 MAX?

Currently jetting off from their second largest hub in Manchester, the TUI Boeing 737 MAX takes you to some of the most exciting destinations in the world such as Mexico’s Pacific Coast gem – Puerto Vallarta. This one’s able to fly 1000 km further than ever before.

TUI Dreamliner features

When you’re travelling on the TUI Boeing 737 MAX you’ll do so in comfort and style. It includes many of the features seen on the fantastic TUI Dreamliner. We’re talking more overhead locker space, a bigger seat pitch and all important mood lighting so that you can get the shut eye that you need and wave goodbye to jet lag.

There’s a total of 189 seats, all kitted out with a new leather headrest cover. 60 of them offer up extra leg room- whilst you’ll be expected to pay extra for these, just think about that leg stretch comfort.

In-flight entertainment

For those that are tech savvy, there’s some enhanced technology to look forward to. We all know how annoying it can be when our phones are running out of battery and a plug socket is nowhere to be seen. On board this new fleet you won’t need to look any further than your seat- each one’s accompanied with a USB power socket.

As for in-flight entertainment, there’s a new system called Navigate where you can watch films, find out about the aircraft or treat yourself to a bit of duty free, all from a simple click on your very own phone or tablet. Not only that, you can even browse and reserve excursions in the destinations that you’re flying to, saving you time once you’re there- how’s that for efficiency?!

Flying fans get excited as this is just the start, TUI have got exciting plans in place for there to be a total of 32 MAX aircrafts in the UK fleet.  But for now, are you ready to jet-away on the Boeing 737 MAX?