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Hotel’s Strange Requests And Even Odder Discoveries

With millions of people visiting hotels every year, each have their own style, preferences and agenda, you can only imagine in your wildest dreams some of the goings on behind those doors!

The Best Western hotel chain ( revealed a bizarre list of demands they’ve received in the past, including; Reiki for animals, beds for dogs and a chaperone for a group of sex addicts.

Many of the strange requests came from organisations and companies in search of a venue for their annual general meetings, including one firm that requested circus training for all its employees.

One group of animal-lovers asked for a host of twin rooms, so guests and their dogs could each have their own bed, along with reiki classes for their furry friends.

One strange request was for a private meeting room for a group of men who all wanted to wear baby grows…….each to their own I suppose!!

Another customer, who had the unfortunate task of arranging a lawnmower convention, asked the hotel if there was any way his group could mow the grounds of the hotel, so guests could try out various models on display….to the delight of the hotels grounds man I’ll guess!

Another strange request came from a party of travellers who insisted on a menu consisting entirely of blue food……?!!

Head of marketing at Best Western, Tim Wade, said: ‘We always try to accommodate our guests’ requirements – no matter how off the wall they may be’. He did however admit that a visit from members of The Tall person’s Club of Great Britain had to be put on hold after the hotel in question were unable to provide enough seven-foot beds for the party.

Among hotels receiving weird and wonderful requests, many hotel chains find some pretty strange items after their guests have checked-out.

Both Travelodge and Swallow Hotels claim to have discovered artificial limbs in their rooms after guests have departed. Between 2003 and 2004, Travelodge says 80 false limbs were left behind in its various outlets.

Among the bizarre items found was an inflatable sheep, a six-foot snake, a child’s pet rabbit, a pet tarantula and a life-size skeleton!

One unlucky party must’ve been kicking themselves for months after leaving behind a pair of hard to get hold of, highly sought after……..FA Cup Final tickets!!

And possibly one of the strangest scenes found of all was at the Lake Terrace Motel in Virginia, USA, when the general manager discovered a wok sat on a melted lavatory seat. The departed guest had rid the toilet of water, filled it with charcoal and started cooking his dinner…..nice!!