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Weigh Before You Fly – Has This Airline Gone Too Far?

How would you feel if you had to be weighed along with your hand luggage at the airport?

Well, if you’re flying with Uzbekistan Airways this is now a requirement.

Passengers will be asked to hop on special scales at the departure gate along with their hand luggage.
The weight recorded will only show the corresponding category – male, female, or child. As for everything else, full confidentiality is guaranteed.

According to the airline, this is a new safety measure. At the moment you will not be charged extra if you tip the scales, but this could eventually lead to overweight passengers being denied boarding.
A statement on Uzbekistan Airlines website confirmed that they are carrying out this procedure as a safety requirement to help out International Air Transport Information.

Uzbekistan Airways are not the first airline to introduce ‘weigh before you fly’ as Samoa Air introduced ‘Pay for what you weigh’ back in 2013. They believe this is the fairest way to pay for your air travel.

Here at the Holiday Hypermarket we believe your holiday starts from the minute you lock your front door, so on arrival at the airport it’s fair to say most of us go for a bite to eat and one, two, or maybe even three drinks as we unwind and look forward to some time away. However, if you were going to be weighed before your flight would this stop you enjoying some food and drink beforehand? Under these rules, a burger and a pint could end up costing you a lot more.

Have your say… Are you off on your well earned holiday? Would you still fly if you were charged the equivalent of your body weight plus your luggage?