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Waves and slides for the brave: discovering Benidorm’s Aqualandia

If the Big Bang in Benidorm’s Aqualandia theme park was a mountain covered in snow instead of a waterslide, its 66 per cent gradient would make it one the steepest ski pistes in Europe.

It goes without saying that while the thrills are all there, a run on this 100-foot slide is safer than an Austrian black piste could ever claim to be! As a plus, you won’t have to battle the bitter Alpine frost in the process, but rather embrace the sunshine and refreshing waters of Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Conveniently located just a bus ride away from Benidorm’s city centre, Aqualandia is a fantastic detour from your usual Benidorm beach haunts. With over 27 years of history upon its shoulders, the park covers 37 acres, with lush Mediterranean vegetation spreading all across it.

As the initial excitement kicks in when you’re making up your mind about what to do here, consider the size of the park and the more than 20 attractions available. To help you jot down an initial list of favourites, we thought a few tips would come handy:

Make a splash on Splash

If this is your first visit to a waterpark, you may want to a avoid starting off with a baptism of fire on the most extreme slides. In Aqualandia’s case, the perfect way to begin would be with…a Splash. Its six parallel slides are made for competition, be it with your best mates or family, and starting the day here means kicking off with a challenge on a soft tube.

Reach 60 mph on Big Bang

Maybe consider the Splash as the right kind of training before you take on the wild beasts next door: we introduced the Big Bang already – but hey, we forgot to mention that this is not just a single slide! In fact it’s made of four different tubes that take you to the highest speeds in unpredictable ways. If you’re that kind of daredevil, there’s nothing to stop you from testing all of them.

Relax in the Wave Pool

After four consecutive extreme slides, you may need a little break – the “Piscina de Olas” (wave pool) is just a short walk away. We’re talking about a gigantic pool that will make any other pool you’ve been before look like a small puddle. Just jump when the wave approaches to get that relaxing lift or set out to where the water is deeper and feel like you’re lost in a crystalline sea.

Take the kids to Adventureland

But how deep is too deep? If you’re travelling with your little ones, some areas of the park are better tailored for them than the depths of the Piscina de Olas: just take them to Adventureland and let them play on smaller and colourful slides, water cannons, bubble pools and water labyrinths…

Get hypersonic on Kamikaze

Having tried a bit of everything, the exhausted will just need to lie down and chill on any of the sunbed areas on place. But before leaving, don’t forget try out the last extreme adventure worth living for the day – the Kamikazehas a name that says it all. Hold your breath when you’re up high and get ready for sliding down a straight line faster than a rocket.

Of course, with many more attractions available, everyone’s experience of Aqualandia will be a different one. Whether you follow our tips or go your own way, we suggest reaching the park early in the morning (and possibly during weekdays) to avoid potential queues for the attractions.

Opening times are from 10am to 7pm, with buses number 1 and 11 taking you to the park from the city centre. Supplementary travel information can be found on the park’s official page, and if this place really floats your boat, check out Aqualandia’s sister park, Terra Mitica, in Tenerife!

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