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Top 6 sunset spots in the world

What is it about a stunning sunset? Is it the atmosphere which accompanies it, the captivating sun-lit sky, or the breathtaking setting that surrounds you? Whatever it is, each sunset is unique from the waters of the Mediterranean to the deserts of Egypt.

We know there are plenty of places which claim to have some of the best sunsets in the world, but if you had to pick between them all which would you choose? Can’t make up your mind? Need some inspiration? Well, we have rounded up our top 6 sunset spots in the world, so take your pick.

The Maldives

If you’re looking for the ultimate sun spot this summer the Maldives should be top of your list. Located in the impeccable Indian Ocean these islands offers a taste of paradise with its widespread sandy beaches, over water bungalows and peaceful ocean shores.

Sit secluded in your bungalow and find your very own Nemo as you study the water for some of the Island’s most fascinating sea creatures. Now, it’s time to watch the sunset so prepare to be amazed by sunsets so beautiful the colours resemble the reflection of a handcrafted Moroccan lamp.


Perhaps one of the most famous sunset spots, this island will not disappoint. Yes, I know you may think all sunsets look the same, but nothing is quite like a Santorini sunset.

Often referred to as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, watching the sunset in Santorini is a must if you’re with your partner. But, the question is where to watch it? We recommend the village of Oia where you’ll find white and blue dome shaped buildings etched along the cliff side. This view offers a film-like sunset which shines across the caldera, a beautiful volcanic feature located in the southern Aegean Sea.


What do you think sums up Ibiza? Is it the swanky clubs, international DJs or striking beaches? No, it has to be the indescribable sunset. Your time in Ibiza will not be complete without watching its famous sunset.

With a strip of bars dedicated to the fading sunlight, make this your top priority. Get ready early and head down to Café Mambo where hundreds of party-goers flock to share this mesmerising experience. Position yourself on the rocks while you listen to soulful sounding music and uncover the gossip from the night before.

But, the most beautiful thing about this experience has to be the silence which descends as the sun disappears beneath the horizon. This is then followed by countless cheers and claps which echo out across the Balearic Ocean.


Arizona, the land of the cowboys, has some of the most colourful sunsets in the world. With its purple, orange and red coloured skies this state is an artist’s heaven. Look out over the desolate desert landscape as you watch the sun bounce off the cactus trees and the daylight sky slowly diminish.

And, if you’re planning a trip to this unspoilt state, the Grand Canyon is the best natural spot to watch an unforgettable sunset. Get your camera at the ready and snap away as you look over one of the most dramatic wonders of the world.


Home to the great Pyramids and the river Nile, Egypt’s sunsets are some of the best in the world. With everlasting miles of sand this ancient kingdom has some amazing places to watch the sun disappear.

Marvel at the Pyramids and watch the sun move across the tangerine coloured sky as you are greeted by a host of curious camels. This sunset spectacle will leave you speechless as you fall deeper in love with Egypt’s ancient terrain.


Are you a wild animal lover? If so, Masai Mara in Kenya is your sunset pick. Go on a safari and spot African wildlife hiding in the bush as you slowly drive closer to these mysterious creatures.

Gaze in awe at some of your favourite wildlife, such as elephants, giraffes, lions and cape buffalo as they roam across the barren unchanged land, creating animal-shaped silhouettes in the distance. This Lion-King-like experience will offer a sunset experience unlike any other with its naturalistic unspoilt setting.

Over to you, which sunset spot would you choose?