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Washington D.C.

When you think of holidays to the USA, Washington isn’t always the first place that springs to mind. The city is located on the USA’s east coast, on the north bank of the Potomac River. It is bordered by the states of Virginia and Maryland. Washington is the Capital of the United States and has legally been called the ‘District of Columbia’ since the City of Washington merged with the Territory of Columbia after the Act of Congress in 1871. However, more colloquially, the city is known as Washington D.C.

The US Capitol Building

Ok…history lesson over, kind of, let’s get down to why you should definitely visit this historic city. It is, of course, an ideal way to uncover some of the secrets of American political history, and what better way to do this than a guided tour of the Whitehouse?! Tour the formal Diplomatic Room and the State Dining Room, walking in the footsteps of many great World Leaders. Your guide will give you an insight into the architecture and art, and also have a story or two to tell of first families to reside here and the comings and goings of Presidents gone by…

The Memorial Parks and National Mall are a must visit as there are so many interesting things to see here. The Albert Einstein, Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorials, and National Museum of Natural History are just a handful of places to see.

Don’t forget the United States Capitol building on Capitol Hill at the east end of the National Mall. Home to the meeting chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives, this is one of the most recognised landmarks in America.

The summer season from April – September is the best time to visit Washington, as with most areas of the US, though July and August could be unbearably hot for some.

Darren George