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Your Warming Winter Holidays for 2016/17

Forget about fixing that duffle coat and dusting the cobwebs from your wellies under the stairs – there’ll be no need to dodge chilly weather when winter arrives. Check out our hot tips for winter holiday ideas, and keep your summer going even while the blizzards blow back at home.

Khao Lak, Thailand

Tourism in Thailand gets more popular every year. The country is home to a whole lot of amazing destinations – but for winter sun, you’ll be hard pressed to find better than the white beaches and balmy palms of Khao Lak.

Located in the south of the country, in the Phang Nga Province, this destination offers snorkelling and reef diving in the inviting Andaman Sea, together with jungle treks and wildlife spotting. Not feeling adventurous? Recline by the pool at one of the numerous high quality resort hotels, or take a trip into town to get lost among the countless shops, pubs and restaurants.

Playacar, Mexico

Mexico offers everything from Caribbean beaches to ancient monuments and modern city breaks. If you’re after an experience a little less crowded than the ever popular Cancun, we think Playacar is the destination for you.

Playacar offers the unique opportunity to visit the famous Chichen Itza. And that’s not to mention the golfing, swimming and good old fashioned sunbathing also on offer. With temperatures that often stay above 20°C all year round, it’s a far cry from the chilly feel of home.

Uvero Alto, The Dominican Republic

Sharing the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with Haiti, those in search of winter sun flock to the Dominican Republic. Temperatures frequently hit 30°C all year round, making it the ideal winter retreat – and for a more secluded and serene holiday, Uvero Alto is perfect.

Nestled on the eastern tip of The Dominican Republic, the resort town is home to the perfect blend of modern rum cocktail bars and shopping experiences, mixed with tranquil beaches of glorious Caribbean sand. It’s hard to resist this enticing fusion of Latin spirit and coastal tranquility.

Madeira, Portugal

Those who have already sampled the delights of Tenerife are now turning their attention to Madeira, an island often nicknamed the Floating Garden of Portugal. With mountain trails to explore, golden beaches to bask on, sumptuous cuisine to sample and temperatures  in their mid-20s throughout the year, it’s a paradise well worth discovering.

What’s more, when night falls, Madeira springs to life all over again, with lively bars and restaurants where you can relax over cocktails or dance to local music. For more information about Maderia, visit our useful dining and nightlife guides, or take a look at Maderia Island News.

Reykjavik, Iceland

For those not looking for winter sun, Iceland offers you a different kind of heat. Volcanic landscapes, northern lights and rugged geography make the country a beautiful and unusual holiday experience. Reykjavik is a sensational source of culture, colour and activity – yet the nearby hot springs and natural geothermal pools should also form an important part of your visit.