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Vilamoura Holiday

June 10th, 2009

We holidayed in Vilamoura last September and had such a divine time. Vilamoura is quite an upmarket resort with an abundance of deluxe apartments and hotels, many of which line the attractive, sandy beach. The marina is highly attractive. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed meandering around the glistening waters, admiring the luxurious yachts and boats harboured there.

Falesia Beach is delightful and was ideal for laying during the day as it is sheltered from wind by low rise cliffs and pine woods. The turquoise sea is bordered by lush green scene foliage, making the whole area just so scenic. The beach is ever so long, there was plenty of space for everyone to spread out and we did not feel crowded by other holidaymakers. We strolled along the coastline and the warm waters of the Atlantic felt lovely on our feet. There was a nice beach bar that was always open. It was perfect as it meant we did not have to walk far for refreshments. Parts of the beach were dedicated to watersports, but we both agreed that we were a little old now to try them.

We opted to go dolphin watching which gave a true taste of the world’s natural beauty. We were lucky enough to spot a few bottle-nose dolphins. We were certainly spoilt for choice on an evening, with the resort boasting an array of eateries. We particularly enjoyed the steak at Casa Do Pescador and we ate in a great little fish restaurant at the marina (sorry but I can’t recall the name of it). It’s seafood dishes were mouth-watering. The almond and alfarroba liqueurs were the perfect finish to our meals. The casino in the heart of the resort was a great way to spend our evenings, although it wasn’t just about playing the tables as the casino offers some really spectacular shows. Otherwise though, there wasn’t a great deal of evening entertainment in resort, and most entertainment seemed to be focused around our hotels. The locals we met were friendly and if you are new to gambling, the casino croupiers will happily explain the rules before you place any bets. I picked up blackjack and poker fairly quickly and even raked in some winnings!

Overall we had a lovely holiday in a beautiful resort with a picturesque beach and divine restaurants and we would readily recommend Vilamoura.

Audrey and Bill in Leeds