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The Ultimate Guide to Staying Chic at the Airport

If you’ve got an early flight to catch the last thing you want to worry about is what outfit to put together for the airport when you wake up. Comfort is obviously key for long haul overseas flights, but the majority of us still want to look stylish for the journey. There are a few staple items that’ll help in the fashion department, and might mean you’ll have one or two heads turning as you make your way to the departure gate.

Here’s a few clothing options to help you stay chic while travelling to and from your destination.


One of the best ways to stay warm and cosy at the airport and on the plane is with leggings. Wear your favourite dark colour, black, navy or grey, and enjoy a comfy and fashionable plane ride. Leggings make for a great base to any outfit and work with both shirts and dresses over the top. If you’ve got a cute summer dress on you can easily take off the leggings once you’ve landed in a hot destination and be beach ready in matter of seconds!

Slip on shoes

One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to wear slip on shoes. You don’t want to be frantically undoing your laces before you head through security and then holding up the line as you try to quickly do them all up again. Slip on shoes, like sandals or flats, also make it easy for your feet to breathe when you’re on your flight. Because getting swollen feet and ankles is definitely not a chic look…


It’s no secret that planes can get cold, that’s why the majority of airlines will hand out blankets to their passengers. If you don’t want to be saddled with a massive blue blanket in order to keep warm, make sure you plan ahead and bring a fashionable scarf. Scarfs can be worn in so many different ways – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Wear yours loosely looped around your neck or as a shawl as you go through the airport. Once you’re on board your flight it can easily transform into a blanket or pillow, and once you land you can use it as a head wrap!


Layers, layers and more layers are the key to comfort and fashion while at the airport – and this goes for both men and women. Be prepared, you might be leaving London in 10°C weather and landing in Mexico in 30°C weather. To make sure you’re equipped for all types of temperature, the key is to wear multiple light layers. That way you’ll have lots of options when it comes to what you’ll be wearing when you reach your destination.

Cotton or jersey dress

Nobody wants to get up from their plane seat to find their entire outfit is wrinkled. The best way to avoid this is by wearing cotton or jersey outfits – which are both functional and cute. You can test your own clothing before a flight by scrunching it into a ball for an hour or two and seeing if it creases. If it passes the scrunch test it’s a good option for your next flight journey.

Dark sunglasses

All the celebrities head for the airport in oversized shades, and so can you. This fashion statement is both stylish and practical. For one, hopefully you’re traveling somewhere hot and will need the sunglasses when you land. For another, sunglasses work as a disguise for anyone suffering from lack of sleep – they hide bags perfectly!

Eye masks

The days where we could expect to receive one of these for free on a flight are long gone – it’s a much better idea to bring your own if you want to block out the light. Eye masks aren’t just a practical item, they can also be a fashion statement – many high street stores sell printed eye masks you’d be proud to rock.

Credit or debit card

Lastly, if you really are in a hurry and don’t have time to pick up any of these items before you leave for the airport, don’t fret. Just remember to bring your credit or debit card and you can grab any or all of these chic pieces in duty free. Who knows, you might also spot something you fancy purchasing in one of the on-flight catalogues.