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The Ultimate Day Trip to Tulum

The Ultimate Day Trip to Tulum

The coastal town of Tulum is located just a 90-minute drive from Cancun and a 40-minute drive from Riviera Maya. This makes it an ideal destination for an amazing day trip during your Mexican getaway.

Tulum is renowned as the site of one of the best-preserved Mayan cities in Mexico and is hugely popular for its superb views from the cliff tops along the Yucatan Peninsula and out across the Caribbean Sea. It has fantastic beaches and plenty of choices for exciting things to see and do while you’re there, so your Tulum day trip is sure to be a fun holiday adventure. Take a look below for some of the top highlights.

Discover the Mayan ruins and visit the Temple of the God of Wind


The Mayan ruins in Tulum are the third most visited archaeological site in the whole of Mexico. This means you’ll get an excellent opportunity to find out more about the country’s history and the fascinating culture and rituals of the Mayan civilisation.

You can take guided tours to explore this ancient coastal settlement which was occupied until the 15th century. Take a walk around the remains of dwellings, ceremonial sites and temples such as the beautifully preserved Temple of the God of Wind.

Explore the stunning caves and jungle Labnaha Cenotes & Eco Park


There are several ‘cenotes’ in the Tulum region, which means a natural underground reservoir of water. At Labnaha Cenotes and Eco Park you can take diving and snorkeling excursions to discover the fascinating underwater life and eco-systems and explore the stunning cave systems that run beneath the cliffs and hills.

In the Eco Park area you can get in some exciting jungle adventures and see more of the local plantlife and wildlife. You can fly high above the ground on zip lines getting amazing views as you travel from platform to platform. Or you can choose to take treks on foot with a guide and follow winding nature trails into the forest.

Swim and play with dolphins at Dolphinaris Tulum

wild dolphin

Wild dolphins and whales are a regular sight off the coastline of Tulum and you can take boat excursions to see them in their own habitat. You can marvel at the strength, skill and intelligence of dolphins while enjoying a sail on the Caribbean Sea. There are opportunities to swim with dolphins as well as touch them and you’ll even learn how to communicate with them. What an amazing holiday experience.

Take an authentic Mexican cooking class at Rivera’s Kitchen Tulum


If you enjoy the delicious tastes and textures of Mexican cuisine you can learn how to cook up a few authentic dishes of your own at this fun cooking class. You’ll learn a bit about the culture of Mexico and the influences that have created the diversity of ingredients and flavours that have developed into modern Mexican food.

In a relaxed and friendly group setting you’ll cook a traditional Mexican meal, learning how to make everything from tortillas to tasty traditional sauces. Your hosts will be on hand to help you out and there will be plenty of chances to ask questions and enjoy yourself. And as you eat your delicious home cooked meal you’ll also be able to enjoy a glass of a traditional Mexican fresh fruit drink called de agua fresca de Jamaica.

Make the most of the amazing beaches and superb sea views


The coastline in Tulum offers some of the most amazing beaches with long sandy stretches and clear water. There are plenty of choices for watersports here such as windsurfing and kite-surfing, or you can find a shady spot under a palm-leaf umbrella and take a well-earned snooze. After spending your day exploring, simply sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible views.

Which activity will you go for first? Let us know in the comments below.