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The Ultimate Bar Crawl in Malia

Holidays in Crete offer superb opportunities to relax by the beach, explore some ancient history and soak up some sunshine. That said, once the sun goes down the party really gets started, and while it’s true other destinations in the Med are famous for their antics after dark, it’s Malia that’s turning our heads, pouring our shots and bringing the tunes nowadays.

It’s cheap, it’s loud and it’s lively, and the great news is that this Crete coastal town has so many bars and clubs to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice. That’s why we’ve put together a few fast facts for you to take in ahead of your trip, which is going to make for a pretty epic night out full of good times, great music and a morning-after smartphone photo album of I-don’t-remember-taking-that awesomeness.

Start off pub-style at The Red Lion

You might think starting the night down the pub is a little on the tame side, but if that’s the case, you’re underestimating The Red Lion. Though it has the name of a classic British pub, and first emerged on the Malia scene in 1999 to emulate the kinds of bars we like to spend evenings at back home, The Red Lion has added a dash of Malia style to its offerings over the years.

It’s got an easily identifiable wooden exterior that hides a warm and inviting interior where good beers are cheap and wholesome pub grub lines your stomach for the good times to come. Start your night here and you’re off on the right foot, and with a pint or two already packed away on top of some quick chips or a hearty burger, you’re good to go.

Try your luck at Squeeze Bar

This fairly new hotspot plays plenty of indie tunes, from the Arctic Monkeys to Oasis, and has a cocktail menu where fruity flavours, sour shots and a whole host of high-impact hooch can get your night off to the start it deserves.

It might seem a bar like any other at first, but the reason it makes the grade for your big bar crawl is because the Squeeze Bar is also home to a number of competitions, challenges and other fun ways to win prizes and acclaim. Those range from ad-hoc pool tournaments to games of chance and skill that even the most hungry of card sharks can sink their teeth into. While anyone can have a decent night out in Malia, not everyone can do so as a local legend and champion.

Get bowled over at Help Bar

The night’s heating up now, and it’s time to take things up a notch. Help Bar stands out in the flashy nightlife streets of Malia thanks to its cool blue neon and the cluster of revellers always found outside its doors, glowing in the light of the fun being had within. There’s always a DJ here spinning some decent garage hits, and right at the back of the bar is a swimming pool, if you’re feeling the need to make a splash.

The real claim to fame that Help Bar proudly touts is its fishbowl cocktails though. In fact, they say those colourful concoctions were invented right here, and whether or not you buy into that urban legend, you can still wet your gills with a big old bowl of brightly coloured booze.

Take a quick retro detour to Reflex 80s Bar

We all have that one friend who’s convinced he’s a pro, so you can drag him here for some non-stop eighties tunes so he can have that dance-off you all know he’s craving.

Cheap drinks and lively company will keep everyone else in a good mood, and there’s the classic local brilliance that is Hoff Corner, where you can have your photo taken with David Hasselhoff himself… or at least, a replica thereof. If you’re after some classic selfie antics, don some of the Tina Turner wigs and Elton John glasses they hand out here too.

Get the real party started at the Loft Bar & Club

We’ve darted around a fair few bars now, but the clubs are calling, and none shout louder than the Loft when it comes to starting your night off on the right foot. The Loft has the live DJ dance hits and scorching neon lights to really get things going. It’s always crowded here, even though it’s tucked at the far end of the nightlife district, but its huge sign and massive screens make it impossible to miss.

Hit the dancefloor and stay until sunrise if you want to, but definitely give our last few recommendations a look before you decide.

Make your night all the sweeter at Candy Club

It’s late going on early, and it’s time to hit up the loudest club in Malia. That’s Candy Club, home to progressive house, electro, dubstep, bright lights and strong drinks. It’s also the frequent home of guest DJs such as Tim Westwood and Ms Dynamite, giving more than a little star appeal to an already fantastic nightlife destination.

It’ll be crowded, but there’s room to manoeuvre, with three bars and two dance podiums to enjoy. There’s also a VIP lounge if you’re in with the movers and shakers.

Dance until sunrise at Apollo Night Club

Apollo is huge, and prides itself in being the last club to close on even the most outlandish of Malia’s raucous nights. With multiple dancefloors and podiums, a trio of bars and staff doing the rounds with shots and dances, you’re going to find yourself lost amid the party action under the blazing lights.

Apollo’s DJs are elevated above the dancefloor in their own podiums, giving them a view of how much you’re enjoying the epic tunes they lay out. Once things finally wind down, step out blearily into the rising Crete sun and greet the coming day with a big grin and a foggy contemplation of breakfast, naptime or both.

A night out in Malia is not to be missed, and this little itinerary we’ve concocted is just one of the ways you can spread your wings in this outlandishly awesome nightlife destination. Take a look through our deals and round up the squad, because this is one break in the sun nobody’s going to forget in a hurry.

Wishing for a cheap break? Look no further.





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