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UK police to patrol the streets of Benidorm

UK police officers are going to start patrolling the streets of Benidorm, following on from its success in Magaluf and Ibiza. In exchange the plan is for Spanish police to patrol areas of Britain.

Juan Carlos Moragues, a Government Delegate has said this initiative will start next summer. He explained that the exchange will “Improve and make more available tourism services in Benidorm” and “When a British tourist sees a ‘bobby’ patrolling the streets or beaches they will feel at home”.

The move comes after a two week trail this summer, which saw British Police patrolling the streets of Ibiza and Magaluf. The aim was to deal with the disorderly behaviour of British revellers.

The idea behind this is that their presence, will deter any unruly drunken anti-social behaviour, and remind British tourists, of the importance of observing local laws and customs. Along with helping holiday makers that may run into any difficulties.

It is hoped the British Police will help in the crackdown on the latest crime wave to hit the streets of Benidorm. With record fines handed out for improper use of mobility scooters.

A total of 30 fines, ranging from €36 – €65 have been handed out alone this month, with many people riding mobility scooters in ‘booze fuelled races’ along the promenade.

These fines have been brought in after the local council complained that over 500 mobility scooters were on the resort’s streets every day.

By law, people under the age of 55 with no physical disability are banned from riding mobility scooters in Benidorm.

What do you think of the news? Do you think it will make a difference to the behaviour of drunken tourists?

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