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Uganda Holidays Give Visitors ‘Africa in One Country’

The east African country is blessed with an amazing diversity of scenery, wildlife and attractions for the visitor.

An increasing number of Brits are booking cheap holidays in Africa nowadays, while others merely consider the idea and can be put off by the distance involved and lingering worries about travel to such a “different” destination. Recently, Lonely Planet listed the African nation of Uganda as one of the top ten countries to visit next year, and this week spokesman Tom Hall underlined why the well-respected travel guide believes Uganda holidays to be a good choice for anyone planning their first visit to Africa.

A major plus for Uganda holidays is that they provide the UK traveller with a microcosm of Africa itself, in “one small package”, Mr Hall said.

“It’s great for outdoors, fantastic for wildlife and the people are very friendly,” he went on. “It makes for a good introduction to the continent.”

Safari and wildlife holidays are certainly among the most popular choices for people visiting Uganda, thanks to the country’s wide array of national parks – ten in total – which can be found containing most kinds of environments, such as jungles, marshes, plains, lakes and spectacular waterfalls – containing one of the most diverse animal populations in the whole of Africa. Gorilla trekking is an especially popular attraction, and the thrill of getting up close to a silverback gorilla in the well-named Bwindi Impenetrable National Park makes up for battling through the tough terrain.

Uganda holidays usually begin with a flight from the UK to the country’s international airport at Entebbe on the banks of Lake Victoria, not far from the capital Kampala. The city is surrounded by seven hills covered in lush greenery and has recently been regenerated, making it a lively place to wander through and sample wares from one of its many bustling street markets.