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Tunisia Departure Tax

As of 1st October 2014 all tourists going to Tunisia will need to pay the new departure tax stamp of 30 dinars. This is approximately £8 or €9. We recommend you keep this money aside to prevent any delays at the airport on the return journey. Tunisia’s currency is only available once you are in the country. The closed currency system means you are unable to change your money before you travel but it also means you are unable to bring any home with you at the end of the holiday.


There are 3 stamps that will be required to complete the process.

On arrival at a Tunisian airport, tourists receive the 1st entry stamp from passport control.

The tourist must buy the 2nd departure tax stamp from any airport or any local Revenue office during their stay in Tunisia or on their departure day. Tourists must keep the stamp handy for the airport authorities to stick in your passport.

When leaving the country at border control the airport or port authorities will put their official 3rd exit stamp on top of the 2nd departure tax stamp to mark the date they have left Tunisia.

Important questions

Where can you buy the Tunisia Departure Tax stamp?
The stamp can be purchased from any airport, port or any local Revenue Office in Tunisia.

Who must buy it?
Any non-resident person who travels to Tunisia except Tunisians travelling abroad

When to buy it?
On the day of departure, or any day during your stay in Tunisia

Which currency is accepted?
The departure tax stamp can only be paid with local currency, Tunisian dinar.

Tunisia still remains incredibly popular with great value holidays and almost perfect weather. There are over 300 sunny days per year with an average temperature in the winter of 15°C, compared to the summer temperatures of 37°C . It’s bustling with medinas, souks and mosques, meaning you can catch some sun and soak up the local culture. The Tunisian landscape is famous in its own right, as it provided the backdrop for Star Wars and The English Patient.

The beaches in Tunisia are beautiful and the coastline has the full spectrum of resorts from Port El Kantaoui and Hammamet to Sousse. For golfers looking for a change of scenery from the Algarve, we recommend Tunisia. Tunis, Hammamet and Monastir all have top courses to choose from and Port El Kantaoui’s PGA approved course is one of the best.

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