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The Next Big Thing Is Here: TripSaver Helps You Save When You Travel

Does planning a holiday give you a headache? Do you tend to run out of money whilst on holiday because you don’t know how much to spend? Does budgeting send you insane? Then look no further, as the TripSaver app is here.

TripSaver is an app which has been created and developed by Matthew Kepnes, the author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and budget travel website Nomadic Matt.

Who is Matthew?

Back in 2006, Matthew left to travel the world and had a limited amount of money which needed to last the eighteen months he was away. To keep track of his money and expenses he wrote down everything that he spent (filling up two whole notebooks no less!), but he had no idea whether what he was spending in a particular location was a lot or not. He also found it really hard to constantly account for currency changes.

Matt started writing about budget travel because he knew travelling didn’t always have to be expensive. He constantly had people saying that they didn’t know how much a place costs and whether they were spending too much. Many of them said they realized too late that they were spending too much and ran out of money—of course, Matt could relate to this.

It was then that he thought, “Why isn’t there an app that, besides letting you put in your expenses, tells you if you are over or under not only your budget but a suggested budget for the country based on your travel style?” It was at this moment that the idea for TripSaver was born.

What does the app do?

TripSaver allows you to:

  • Keep track of your spending, making budgeting far easier,
  • See graphs of your spending daily, on location or over time
  • See a breakdown of your spending
  • Set your travel style to backpacker, budget, mid-range and luxury
  • Compare your spending to a suggested budget for each destination based upon your travel style
  • Email your expenses to yourself, friends or view in a spread sheet

As with any creation, development costs and he took his idea to KickStarter with an original aim of hitting $8,000, which would enable him to create the app from a prototype he had begun. Matt managed to smash this initial budget, raising $27,000 and allowing him to create both iPhone and Android-compatible versions.

There are plenty of apps out there which will allow you to do one or two of these functions but not all together. The idea of not only being able to track what you’re spending but also compare it against the suggested budget within your location will prove invaluable.