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Triposo Try to Top Travel World with Google Search Style

Two ex-Google employees, Jon Tirsen and Douwe Osinga, have given the grand opening of their mobile travel guide, Triposo.

Their vision for Triposo is as ambitious as it is logical: do for the travel world what Google did for search. The dynamic travel duo believes that it is high time that travel information became properly aggregated and searchable with a dedicated and adaptive travel search algorithm.

Given their previous Google experience, it’s unsurprising that Tirsen and Osinga believe that they can filter through the innumerable personal travel blogs and guides that have rocketed in popularity of over the past ten years. Triposo will aggregate and provide accurate search rankings based on relevance from seven of the biggest open source aggregators as well as some closed source ones too.

Not only does Triposo sort and aggregate travel information, it also produces its own relevant content with travel guides based on the nightlife, restaurants, tourist attractions and other entertainments of a variety of locations which are already available, with more on the way.

A critical selling point of Triposo is that its mobile app offering is completely functional offline as well as online. This can be extremely useful for travellers who are in places without wifi access or who want to save their battery life.

As part of their efforts to make the correct decision on which places are the most important “must-sees” of any given destination, Triposo’s search algorithm has incorporated the use of photographs. As Douwe Osinga explained: “We have a collection of a few million travel photos geotagged — with time stamps. How many pictures are taken at a place, at what time, on what day: That all helps us decide how important a location is”.

So get ready for an easier way to find the information you want on your favourite holiday hot spots as well as inspiration for your next big trip!