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Travelling Cat Traverses USA

While it’s usually humans making grand voyages where they traverse the United States, this time the epic traveller in question was a cat called Willow.

Willow went missing from a the home of its family, the Squires of Colorado, almost five months ago only to be found almost 2,000 miles away on the suave and swanky streets of Manhattan. Staff of a Manhattan pet shelter discovered a microchip embedded in Willow’s neck which allowed them to identify the animal’s owners and inform them of their intrepid pet’s well being.

Fortunately, the pet shelter staff could report that Willow was in good condition: “The cat was in very good condition, clean, a little chunky,” said Richard Gentles, a spokesman for Animal Care and Control of New York City. “Obviously someone was taking care of her.”

There are now plans to get Willow back home to her family on one of the earliest available flights to Colorado.

The story reads like a scene from the 1993 family classic Homeward Bound, but incredibly it’s no movie. How Willow managed to make her way across 1,800 miles of the various geographical challenges inherent in the landscape of America is a mystery, but it must have been quite an adventure.

You can make a similar journey of your own, albeit in more comfort and over a shorter period of time. Holidays in the USA where you travel coast to coast have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Hiring a car and making the drive across the exciting and varied landscape is a thrill that has to be experienced to be believed.