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Travel Technology Brings ‘Virtual Vacations’

Say hello to digital technology tourism, and wave goodbye to traditional tourist guide booklets.

Predictions from The Future of Independent Travel conclude that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips will be our new guide to everything we need to know while travelling abroad.

Currency conversion and language translation would be just two of the things that could be done via mobile phones plus resort and attraction information could all be sent to our Personal Digital Assistants (PDI’s).

Even things such as art galleries and museum exhibits will be digitally read by mobile devices giving us all the information we need to know about them. We will even be able to scan a bottle of wine and it will tell us which country it comes from and even from the exact vine.

The results come from a report commissioned by STA Travel who concluded that the future is “immersive travel” where digital content is sent straight to hand held mobile devices, just like something out of Star Trek!

Who knows, with the way technology is moving forward there may come a day when we don’t actually need to go on holiday at all, we’ll be able to take ‘virtual vacations’ from the comfort of our own armchair.