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Travel News Roundup: December 2013

Well that’s it for 2013. How quickly has the year gone?! Anyway, while we wait for our stomachs to settle after that massive Christmas blowout (seriously, don’t ever offer me any chocolate again. EVER.), let’s have a look back at what made the travel news headlines in December…

You can now use your electronic devices during take-off and landing – on selected flights

We’ve written about this before, but now the relaxation of FAA’s rules are really coming to fruition this month as the first flights took off with electronic devices allowed on throughout the entire journey, including take-off and landing.

Traditionally, electronic devices (even those with a ‘flight mode’) must be switched off when the plane is taxiing the runway, taking off and landing. However, recent changes to the FAA’s rules mean that passengers can use their gadgets from the moment they step on the plane to the moment they get off. On an average journey, that could mean up to 30 minutes of extra screen time!

But before you start charging up your iPad or packing up your Kindle, be aware that these new relaxed rules only apply on BA flights, and only a few select routes at that. Still, this latest development means that we are all one step closer to being fully connected while up in the air.

Turkey e-visas become mandatory for British travellers

If you’re going on holiday to Turkey next year, then check to see if you will need an e-visa to enter the country. E-visas have been part of the Turkish system for some time, but from 10th April 2014 all British tourists must have one before they touch down in Turkey, or risk being refused admission.

The visas last for 90 days and cost £10 a head. Simply apply for yours via the official website, enter your details, pay the fee, then download and print your visa to present at Turkish customs. It’s a simple and quick process that will make your entry into Turkey completely stress-free.

The stronger pound makes holidays cheaper

Finally, some good economic news! According to the Post Office’s annual travel money report, the pound has gained spending power in the world markets, which means that British holidaymakers are getting better deals than they were twelve months ago.

Some of the biggest winners are those travelling to South Africa and Indonesia, who can now get 22.3% and 27.6% more for their money respectively than they would have got in December 2012. If that’s not an excuse to book a holiday now, I don’t know what is!