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Travel Hacks for Holiday Ninjas



Do you feel most alive when you step off a plane into an unexplored city, ready to sink your teeth into all of its charms? Is your passport more decorated than a dive bar bathroom cubicle? Do you pride yourself on being a global jet-setter? Well, why not make your future travel all the more comfortable and economic by incorporating these hacks into your travel habits? You might be surprised how much easier they make things.

  •  Be a ninja when booking holidays

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  • Scan or photograph your passport

Making a digital copy of your important documents and emailing it to yourself can save you no end of trouble in difficult circumstances. You never know when disaster might strike and you need to prove your identity… without any possible way of doing so. Avoid such catastrophes by making a digital copy of your passport, driving license and any other necessary documents (and perhaps even printing them out, too).

  • Mark bags as fragile

Though you might not have anything fragile contained in your bag, marking it as such will ensure it receives due care and attention from baggage handlers at the airport. It will also increase the chances that it is placed atop the other bags, meaning it will be first to arrive on the carousel when you touch down at your destination.

  • Choose vegetarian food on flights

Vegetarian food might not sound to appealing to you, but does aeroplane food ever get your stomach rumbling? These meals are often prepared in smaller batches, meaning that more attention and care is devoted to their creation, and they generally aren’t too stodgy or greasy, which can aid with avoiding jetlag. Plus, they often come out before any other meals.

  • Cook like a ninja

It’s fairly common sense that cooking your own meals will save a lot of money compared to eating out every time… but avoid tasteless recipes by carrying your own spices. Travel-size amounts can easily be stored in empty Tic-Tac containers, while you should have a bottle of hot sauce on your person at all times. Hot sauce can turn a boring sandwich into a fiery one in one squish of a bottle. Sites like Supercook also offer tasty recipes based on the exact ingredients you have with you, meaning you can always make the most out of leftovers.

  • Include a dryer sheet in your luggage for freshness

Though it might take up a little extra space in your baggage, a laundry sheet can help the smell of your clothing no end. They absorb moisture and impart a fresh scent to all of your garments, meaning that you can arrive in style. You can also avoid unpleasant odours by keeping dirty clothing and linen separate in a zip-lock bag.