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A Brief Travel Guide to EasyJet’s Latest Destinations – Berlin and Kefalonia

They couldn’t be more different, but as great destinations for cheap holidays, the German capital Berlin and the idyllic Greek island of Kefalonia have at least this much in common. Another shared factor emerged this week, when budget airline easyJet commenced its cheap flights to both destinations from Manchester Airport. In that spirit, I thought it was time to look at some simple travel tips for Berlin and Kefalonia alike.

Berlin is a very popular destination for people seeking a great-value city break, thanks to its undoubted depth of history, culture and its sheer scale. Visitors can easily be dazzled by the diverse districts, the array of museums and galleries, its opera houses, concert halls and dance-clubs – not ot mention its amazing international cuisine. Berlin truly is a 24-hour city, and yet public transport is excellent, the streets are safe and prices are low.

Non-German speakers need not fear, as the cosmopolitan nature of Berliners means that most speak some English – and many speak it fluently. The weather is not so reliable, although warm temperatures can be expected in the summer months – ensure you are prepared for all eventualities and be aware that it will be very cold in the winter, with snow almost a certainty.

Be sure to take a map and reliable pocket guide to the city, as there are so many attractions that it pays to be prepared. Spend a couple of days ahead of the trip deciding what your priorities are and what you can realistically achieve during your time there.

In comparison, cheap holidays in Kefalonia are a time to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather and the equally gorgeous beaches and scenery. Although the largest of the Ionian islands, it can easily be explored by hire car, thanks to the good network of roads. There are also great opportunities for walking, cycling and horse-riding. Ferries and hire boats to the nearby islands of Lefkas, Zante and Ithaca are also easy to book if you fancy doing a little more than simply unwinding on the sand with a good book.