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Travel Fails Caught on Twitter

When things go wrong when we’re travelling, clearly the best way to cheer ourselves up is to tell the world about it via Twitter. Or at least, that’s what these brave travellers decided to do… Here’s our round up of the greatest travel fails caught on Twitter.

Ouch. This one’s got to hurt.

Passport: check. Wallet: check. Suitcase: check. Means of actually being able to board the plane: Um… oops.

Who knew that India and Indonesia have entirely different currencies? Not this currency exchange cashier, worryingly.

Wow. We can only assume there must have been something seriously wrong with this holidaymaker’s Satnav…?

While there are many things we can control when we’re heading on holidays, the weather isn’t one of them. Sometimes, maybe it’s better not to check the forecast when you’re about to travel for some, ahem, ‘winter sun’.

Well, at least this holidaymaker has her priorities in order.

Having a car on holiday is great for so many reasons. Its ability to remain roadworthy on a sandy beach probably isn’t one of them.

And this is why you should always, always check the opening times…

Nope. As this keen-eyed traveller has spotted, it’s not even close…

And finally… This is not a post-holiday story you ever want to have to tell. Ever.

You can tweet your travel fails to Holiday Hypermarket.