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How to transform your holiday look from day to night with 5 easy-to-wear styling tips

We all want to look glam on holiday, but getting ready for a night out after a day at the beach can prove a difficult task. Styling your untamed mane and applying masses of makeup is hard work in the sweltering Mediterranean heat, trust us we know. So, here are 5 easy-to-wear styling tips that will instantly take your look from the beach to the bar in a matter of minutes.

  1. Try a basic braid

Do you suffer from a bad case of holiday hair? Need a quick fix that will transform your lifeless locks? If so, try this super-easy updo.

First, section your hair and plait it, when happy with your plait twist it into a small bun and secure it with hair grips. Still following? Next, unravel the bun and finally, see your once drab beach hair turn into luscious laid-back waves. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Hair worthy hint

For even better results, add a touch of dry shampoo to maximise volume and control frizz.

This chic style is a must-try for those of you who envy effortless LA style waves, so give it a go.

  1. Opt for red lips

Today, travellers go barefaced on the beach more often than not, showing us that less is more when it comes to holiday makeup. So, leave the dark eyeliner and bright blusher at home because minimal makeup is a must on holiday.

We know it’s tempting to take the full contents of your makeup bag. But, why weigh your case down with needless cosmetics when you can save space for those much needed pair of sandals.

All you need is a touch of red lipstick. Pop on this stylish stick and look party-ready in the time it takes you to climb off your sun lounger and jump into the pool. This long-lasting lippy will compliment your sun kissed glow while adding a hint of elegance to your overall look.

  1. Add a statement piece of jewellery

Chunky necklaces, edgy earrings and cuff bracelets are all the rage this summer, and the best way to finish off that after-hours look.

Through the day-time most of us tend to stick to simple friendship bracelets, roped necklaces and stud earrings, but when it comes to a night on the tiles the bigger the better.

Choose your jewellery wisely this year. Whether you are packing for the casual Caribbean or image-obsessed Ibiza, pick pieces that will suit your outfit choices and take your look from the pool to the party in seconds.

  1. Throw on a kimono

If you don’t pack anything else this summer, pack a kimono. With so many different styles there’s a kimono to suit all occasions.

Wear this lightweight garment to the pool, beach or hotel bar. Sample an array of styles and fabrics from long-line, cropped, velvet, silk, fringed and lace to find the kimono for you.

Want to hide those dodgy tan lines? Then throw this geisha-inspired gown over your swimsuit, LBD – little black dress or crop top and shorts, then watch your look turn from drab to dressy.

  1. Slip into a pair of strappy sandals

Going to watch the sunset at the hotel beach bar? Chilled Sangria on request? Sounds amazing, right?

Still, there’s one problem…. What to wear on your feet.

High heels have the tendency to sink deep into the sand and wedges can be painful after a night of hard-core partying. So, that leaves us with the strappy sandal. Slip on a pair of embellished or metallic sandals and mix elegance with comfort.

The pain-free flat will leave you looking glam without having to worry about falling on the dance floor or busting out your favourite moves.

You are now ready to hit Ibiza’s infamous sunset strip.