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Tourism Office Highlights the Versatility of Cheap Israel Holidays

With more leisure flights than ever before, more and more people are considering cheap holidays in Israel, drawn by its fascinating history, warm sunny Mediterranean climate and wealth of experiences on offer.

This week, the Israel Government Tourist Office sought to build on that by highlighting the sheer versatility of activities and sights on offer, whether they be city breaks sampling the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Tel Aviv or the thousands of years of culture and religion in Jerusalem, sightseeing tours of the Holy Land or a chance to chill out in the countryside on a spa break.

Tourist office spokeswoman Louise Evans stressed the attractions of the capital Tel Aviv, which she called a “buzzing, metropolitan city,” adding that too many people were unaware of quite how attractive the destination was until they happened to visit – perhaps on a business trip – and discover its delights for themselves.

Evans said of the city: “It has beautiful architecture, is set on the beach and enjoys year-round sunshine. It’s a fantastic city break, only four hours from the UK.”

She went on to recommend the Dead Sea in the south of the country, for British travellers seeking a more chilled out trip. Known as “nature’s own health farm”, the sea is famous for its extremely high salt content which allows visitors to float on its surface with no effort. The Dead Sea resort also gives holidaymakers the chance to visit the impressive mountain fortress of Massada, which can be reached either by hiking up the Snake Path or via cable car, and boasts a number of beautiful hotels, which offer a range of spa treatments and other ways to pamper the visitor and make them feel they are in the lap of luxury.

There are many great bargains for cheap holidays in Israel available online, so get hunting for those special deals!