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Tour Operators Cancel All Trips To Cairo

Leading tour operators have cancelled all excursions to Cairo as they keep a close eye on the disturbing situation rising in Egypt.

Iconic Tourist Attractions In The Troubled City Of Cairo

Violent clashes in the capital city have lead to seven deaths so far and all internet, SMS and mobile phone services have been blocked in a bid to deter the brutal protests which are expected to escalate today, as millions of people gather at Cairo’s mosques for Friday prayers.

Despite Thomson, First Choice, Cosmos and Thomas Cook cancelling trips to Cairo, Thomson have stated that they have been in touch with all of their customers staying in the city and non have requested to leave.

A Thomson spokesperson stated “The vast majority of our tour operations are in Sharm el Sheikh, which is a considerable distance – indeed, an eight hour drive from Cairo.”

He continued to explain that Sharm el Sheikh is almost a country within itself and has only one secure road in and out of the resort making it difficult to enter unnoticed.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson added that the clashes could not be compared to the recent troubles in Tunisia due to the sheer size and geography of Egypt.

Pricing Vice President and Marketing Manager for Kuoni; Tamara Diethelm also added “Our clients in Cairo are safe and well and excursions in the downtown area have been postponed. It is too early to see, but certainly booking patterns remain the same for forward bookings to Cairo.”

Anyone worried about a holiday they have already booked to Egypt is advised to contact their tour operator for the most up to date information.