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Top Tips To Topping Up That Tan

First things first, don’t even contemplate leaving this bleak weathered, grey skied country without giving that tan a head start!

Approximately two weeks before your date of travel, pop to the corner shop and book yourself some sunbed sessions, not enough to give you that crinkly leather look but enough to create a base layer from which you can build up a fantastic, radiant tan.

Head to the shops and buy enough sun tan lotion to not only last for your full duration, but a bit extra….just in case! You’ll need a small bottle of factor 30, a large sized bottle of 15, a medium sized 8 and a nice factor 4 dry-oil, and if you’re going for that dark brown, mahogany look, buy one with keratin!

When packing your case, remember to wrap each bottle of sun tan lotion in a plastic carrier bag individually, not only to avoid spillage, but to protect your clothes and your skin in the long run!

Once you’re finally away, you’ll love every minute of it, but where should you sunbathe to maximise that tan?! My personal favourite would have to be the beach, not just for the charming views and refreshing, relaxing sea, but because of that cooling breeze. Not only will that lovely breeze cool you down but it also gives a sensational, seamless tan.

A schoolboy error which many of us make is forgetting to apply aftersun lotion every evening after a day in the sun. Without this added moisture, your skin can become cracked and dry and starts the peeling process a lot quicker!

Begin with your factor 15 and see how you get on, if you discover any sore or burnt areas, apply a bit of factor 30 to ensure it doesn’t worsen. As the week progresses, lower the factor of your sun tan lotion, try going down to an 8, and eventually you may feel daring enough to go for that factor 4 keratin oil!

Another useful tip is to make sure you apply your sun tan lotion on a regular basis, every half an hour or so, apply a little here and there to guarantee a burnt-free complexion. Even if you feel that your skin is fine and not burning at all, it can be smouldering without you realising until later that evening when unfortunately, it’s too late.

So whether you’re thinking of booking cheap holidays in the Costa Dorada, all expenses paid trips to Jamaica or a scorching week in Santorini, follow these terrific tips to avoid cremating and cracking your young charismatic skin. You can still enjoy sizzling in the sun, but with the peace of mind that you won’t go away looking like someone’s new lambs leather jacket.