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Top Ten Resorts for the Broken-Hearted

What becomes of the broken-hearted? Well, according to Virgin Atlantic, they go on cheap holidays and pamper themselves back to happiness!

A survey carried out by the airline has discovered that holidays in the sun are fast becoming the best way for the jilted, dumped and otherwise lovelorn to get over that divorce or failed relationship – with some 10 per cent of those polled on Virgin’s long-haul flights admitting that heartbreak was the reason for their trip.

Spotting the opportunity for a catchy soundbite, the carrier said that such holidaymakers were “Elvis passengers” due to their desire to fly away to a vacation in a “heartbreak hotel”. and gave its top five summer destinations for the holidaymaker who is feeling “all shook up”:

  1. St Lucia is seen as the perfect place to heal the heart, having as it does all the ingredients of a tropical paradise.
  2. Antigua is also highly popular among those seeking to get over an ex, thanks to its white sandy beaches and delicious cocktails.
  3. Jamaica completes the Caribbean triumvirate, with the broken-hearted finding its laid-back atmosphere highly therapeutic.
  4. Las Vegas is perhaps a very appropriate choice for the “Elvis passenger”, and this city’s reputation as the world’s casino and entertainment centre should soon have visitors forgetting all their woes.

Virgin also supplied the favourite destinations for “Elvis passengers” flying to forget over the winter months:

  1. Sydney guarantees the lovelorn some much-needed summer sun, whether enjoying the sights of the city or lazing on Bondi Beach. No Seasonal Affective Disorder here!
  2. Cape Town can also guarantee blazing sunshine, as well as a few glasses of highly cheering wine at one of its waterfront cafés.
  3. Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis is just the thing to take the mind off one’s woes.
  4. Miami is a party city, and it’s almost impossible to stay gloomy amid its Latin stylings and lively beach.
  5. Barbados is another Caribbean destination which is designed to delight and uplift the senses.