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Our Top Ten Money Saving Travelling Tips

If you are thinking of taking a break abroad, the cost can soon creep up with all the little extras we need.

Take a look at Our Top Ten Money Saving Travelling Tips…

1. We can easily be side tracked into buying expensive suntan lotions however supermarkets own brands often come out on top of polls. It’s always wise to look out for special offers.

2. It is easy to think that buying miniature toiletries will help with your luggage allowance, although this is true the cost of buying these smaller items sometimes are not always good value for money. Small packs of travel bottles can be found in most discount shops from as little as a pound. The joy with these are they are reusable, always remember to label your bottles though, as I remember the one time my husband rinsed his mouth with aftershave! Thinking it was mouth wash ouch!

3. Travel adapters, travel cushions etc. can also be purchased at a lot of the pound retailers, saving a small fortune. It is also wise to pop an extension plug in your suitcase as this is great for charging all those gadgets.

4. None of us plan to become ill on holiday however sickness remedies’ abroad can be costly. I always take a good selection of these with me hoping that they will not have to be used.

5. Travelling with a baby or toddlers? Nappies, baby wipes etc. are another essential item I always take with me to keep the cost down.

6. One to watch out for is a lot of hotels now have a swap box where you can leave your unused toiletries, books, sun creams and even inflatables. So if you happen to run short you can usually find what you need to see you through. I have seen these in place in many hotels including Cyprus, Egypt and Majorca.

7. We all love an inflatable for the pool, however over the years I have seen these ridiculously overpriced. You can often pick these up in your bargain shops and supermarkets for as little as a pound.

8. Costly phone bills are something we all dread when calling from abroad, I have recently downloaded an app from my landline and TV provider. Simply connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network and you can make SmartCalls back to the UK using the allowance from your UK phone talk plan.

9. We all know that liquid amounts are limited to usually around 100ml through security at the airport however this doesn’t apply to food. I always make sure I take plenty of snacks and sandwiches for the airport and flight, allowing me more spending money for duty free.

10. Car parking is more often than not cheaper to book in advance. I always take advantage of the special offers at the time of booking.

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