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Top 5 Theme Parks which Scream Halloween

On the 31st October people from all over the world come together to celebrate Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve as it’s formally known has its origins in Roman, Celtic, Catholic and European folk traditions, but today the holiday is more about eating candy till you’re sick, winning that apple bobbing competition and scaring your friends with your terrifying zombie costume. So if you want to make this Halloween one to remember Holiday Hypermarket has listed some of the best scare-tastic theme parks around the world.

  1. Universal Studios, Florida

From 19th September to the 1st November, Universal Studios puts on a Halloween extravaganza with its yearly event, Halloween Horror Nights. With eight haunted houses to explore guests can get up close and personal with their favourite horror film characters. This year’s must-visit event has to be the new Walking Dead-themed house. The house brings to life the latest season with its undead live actors and scene-like locations, giving fans the chance to be a part of the latest zombie craze which seems to be sweeping the nation.

  1. Alton Towers, Staffordshire

Steeped in history, Alton Towers is the perfect setting for a Halloween-themed event. This theme park guarantees your money’s worth of screams with its fear-filled attractions. Rides include Nemesis Sub-Terra and Hex along with a host of one-off attractions like Terror of The Towers, which takes place inside the famous Alton Towers ruins. If you’re worried about scaring yourself senseless, don’t be because each horror ride has a fear rating. The number of pumpkins determines how scary the attraction is, one being the least scary and five being the most. Where will you draw the line?

Image courtesy of Alton Towers

  1. Disneyland, Paris

Looking for a tame Halloween experience which won’t give you nightmares? Then head to Disneyland Paris and join in on the spooky fun. This night-time spectacle is great for all the family with Mickey’s Halloween Celebration, where you’ll witness Micky and friends parading through the streets in autumn-inspired costumes, or Ghosts invade Disneyland Park, where you’ll find hundreds of ghouls lurking on main street U.S.A. But your stay here wouldn’t be complete without visiting the park’s latest attraction, Maleficent’s Court. This attraction transforms the once-quiet Castle Courtyard into a villain-filled square, giving guests the chance to meet and greet some of Disney’s most feared characters.

  1. Sol Katmandu, Majorca

Sol Katmandu in Magaluf comes to life on the 31st October. The rising resort guarantees a happy Halloween with its amazing attractions and costume-wearing staff members. But nothing screams Halloween like the parks most-feared attractions ―The Asylum and Zombies XD. The Asylum offers a horror experience like no other. This 5D interactive ride takes its passengers on a journey through an abandoned asylum, so don’t be surprised if you come into contact with headless spirits, giant bugs and sinister birds. Or, if we haven’t scared you enough, then why not take on the undead with the new Zombies XD. This virtual rollercoaster tests your accuracy skills with its laser shooting game. Yes that’s right, you get to fire at the walking dead, but the question is, will you live to tell the tale?

  1. Fright Dome, Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not strike you as a Halloween destination, but trust us it is. Each year the city dims its bright lights to celebrate Halloween in true Vegas style with its Fright Dome. This spine-chilling event takes place inside the famous Circus Circus Adventuredome. For one night only the dome transforms into an indoor theme park filled with rides, horror houses, scare zones and live shows. Described as one of the scariest places on the planet, this isn’t one for the faint hearted! Clown Overload Zone is a must. The rides countless clowns surround visitors, scaring them with their freakish features and demonic eyes, so get ready to run for your life.