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Top 5 party destinations to book in 2015

Now into autumn those nights spent dancing on tropical shores seem like nothing but a distant memory, right? As the days seem shorter and the weather turns colder it’s time to start planning next year’s party-packed getaway. But with so many young and lively destinations to choose from where do you begin. That’s where Holiday Hypermarket come in, and has put together a list of party predictions for 2015, to make booking that holiday a stress-free process.

  1. Ever-expanding Ibiza

There’s no denying it, Ibiza can do no wrong. After we saw countless celebrities hitting its shores this year, from actor Orlando Bloom to model Cara Delevingne and the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, there’s no surprise that us Brits are following suit. Free up your clubbing calendar because there’s a party spot for everyone, whether you’re one for dancing on the beach, by the pool, in an abandoned zoo, at a deserted warehouse or in plush club, it’s all possible in Ibiza. This super island always has something up its sleeve, and this year it was the opening of the much-anticipated Hard Rock Hotel. So the question is, will Ibiza outdo itself with another new addition in 2015?

  1. Big hit Cancun

Exotic beaches, the hottest DJs and the finest tequila, yes you’ve guessed it, we’re talking about Cancun. For a long time Cancun has been a regular hangout for spring breakers who hit the island to let their hair down after months of studying. But it seems us Brits want in on the action and if it means flying across the Atlantic, we will. Known for its lengthy beaches, this party paradise sees shores filled with clubbers, cocktails and summer tunes. But don’t think the carnage stops here because the party continues into the early hours at the countless nightclubs and bars.

  1. Mainstream Magaluf

Magaluf, despite its wild reputation, is busier than ever with most of us already excited for next year’s madness. After the airing of programmes like The Magaluf Weekender this energetic resort has become increasingly popular amongst the young and lively, seeing a number of repeat bookings from those who can’t get enough of the resort’s bustling night scene. Magaluf will cure those post-party blues in seconds with its vibrant superclubs, illuminated strip backed up with bars and persistent promoters who drive you into their clubs with free drinks and discounted entries.

  1. Next stop, Thailand

For a long time now Thailand has been associated with backpackers and students who tend to travel the island on a fairly tight budget. But this is beginning to change as we see more and more holidaymakers booking package holidays to Thailand for its young and lively nightlife. The Full Moon party, one of the Thailand’s main attractions, is a monthly celebration set on the beautiful Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan. The event sees thousands of die-hard party-goers dancing under the famous full moon accompanied by a host of fireworks and circus-like entertainers. Or, if this isn’t for you, why not head to the Thai capital of Bangkok.  Here you’ll find some of the best nightspots in the world with a number of swanky sky bars offering panoramic views of the city.

  1. On the cards Croatia

As one of the newest young and lively destinations on the list, Croatia takes partying to a whole new level with its festival-filled coastlines. Unknown, Hideout and Dimensions are perhaps the most famous, but with 16 festivals in 2014 were certain to see another crowded calendar next year. So why not start 2015 with some Croatian fun and sail off on a Balkan boat, or rave on secluded shores while you look out over old settlements and historic landscapes?

Where will you choose?