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Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Letting off School Stress


Feeling those end-of-term blues? Are exams and essays getting you down? Too much time in the library and not enough time soaking up the elusive British sunshine? Never mind – you can always break up your study time by planning your next student getaway. Perfect for letting off some steam and painting the town red, these five destinations are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to return to the books with renewed vigour.


Ibiza is rightfully revered as one of THE student hotspots for all-night partying and letting your hair down – it didn’t inspire a Vengaboys party anthem for nothing! Cheesy pop references aside, though, this Mediterranean island is the perfect blend of climate, beaches and nightlife to restore your faith in the hedonistic side of life and recharge your batteries.

Being a favourite hotspot of touring DJs and producers in dance, house, trance and techno, the island is often used to test out new material before moving onto other sites. As such, it has gained a reputation of being at the forefront of the youth rave scene and has become almost synonymous with such styles of music. Essential Ibiza offers a fairly comprehensive overview of all DJs, parties and clubs throughout the calendar year.


The cheapest of all of the Caribbean destinations, according to Price of Travel, Cancún is a great option for students looking to spread their wings further afield without breaking the bank. Cheap flights can be obtained from many UK airports and the city is an idyllic blend of beaches, culture, adventure activities, shopping malls and, last but not least, world famous nightlife.

In fact, if you’re looking to plan out your nocturnal itinerary in Mexico’s rapidly-growing tourist Mecca, why not check out this list of the hottest nightlife spots in Cancún? There’s something to satisfy every appetite and style.


You might not typically associate this sprawling European capital with raucous nightlife, but the plethora of open-air bars housed in ruined and crumbling buildings (the most popular of which is probably Szimpla) offers a diverse range of opportunities for enthusiastic party-goers.

Meanwhile, the Island of Freedom on the Danube River (which separates the two halves of the city Buda and Pest) plays host to one of Europe’s most critically-acclaimed music festivals. Every summer, artists from around the world gather for Sziget music festival, serving up seven whole days of music, entertainment and, of course, plenty of free-flowing alcohol. The rest of the year, the island is a great place to sleep off foggy-headed hangovers or frolic in the park.


Well-known for its debauched reputation, Amsterdam has long been a favourite for under-pressure students to unwind. Whether its many herb-friendly cafes or its salacious Red Light district hold particular charms for you, you’re sure to find all sorts of scandal and excitement in the Dutch national capital.

Quite aside from its herbal and erotic delights, the city also boasts an impressive nightlife and discotheque scene, with everything from relaxed beer and wine bars to underground cafes and boisterous nightclubs.


For a more laid-back but equally boozy break, why not visit the home of reggae? Sipping on cocktails against a backdrop of Bob Marley and in front of a stunning sky and pristine beach couldn’t be better. With unbeatable savings offered on flights to Montego Bay, Jamaica is probably the Caribbean’s most cost-effective island option.

Seven Mile Beach offers a great place to sleep off the inevitable hangovers and clear out the cobwebs from your study-addled brain, while jerk chicken and delicious rum combine to leave your taste-buds tingling and your sense of inner peace at one with itself like never before.