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The Top 5 Holiday Destinations to Book in 2015

Have you had enough of travelling to the same destination every year? Are you looking for some inspiration? Then why not take a trip with a change this year and check out the top 5 holiday destinations for 2015?

Croatia – Dubrovnik

Croatia has been hitting the list for a couple of years now, so it would be a sin if it didn’t make an appearance this year. Beaches stretch and weave out along 1,778 kilometres of unspoilt coastline, but holidays to Croatia aren’t all about sunbathing on a beach. In fact, Croatia is a great place for a spot of diving whether you’re an experienced diver or an amateur.

Head over to the old walled city of Dubrovnik. This developing town has a great modern twist with trendy cafés and swanky restaurants. Visitors can wander through its cobbled streets admiring the ancient architecture and stalls – but don’t forget to make time for a beer stop! If you can’t bear the thought of staying in one place, island hopping is the ideal way to explore this country of a thousand islands. For all you music lovers, Ultra Music Festival is just one of the many places to be seen on this island with a whole host of headlining acts taking to its shores each year.

Top Tip

Pack some aqua shoes if you are planning to spend time at the beach, the sea has a lot of sea urchins. Ouch!

Turkey – Fethiye

Turkey has been pulling in the crowds for many years now, offering good value for money, particularly in the bigger resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum. However, this year we’ve found one of Turkey’s hidden treasures and it goes by the name of Fethiye. Over the years, Fethiye has grown from a small fishing village into a vibrant resort.

Although located on the waterfront, you’ll need to take a short bus ride or taxi ferry across the bay to Calis for a day on the beach. The old quarter is a great place to visit with its cobbled streets and collection of gift shops. But if this doesn’t interest you why not grab a beer and enjoy the sunshine in this prime people-watching spot. A trip to Turkey’s most photographed beach Olu Deniz, known as the blue lagoon, is a great day out and one not to be missed. If you’re wondering where to stay, we recommend having a look at Thomson’s brand new Sensatori Hotel located on the outskirts of Fethiye. This hotel oozes sophistication and is sure meet your every expectation. Whether you try a new resort or stick to the ones you love, one thing is for sure Turkey is going to keep topping this list in the coming years.

Top Tip

Plan a visit to Fethiye’s famous Tuesday market and bag yourself a Turkish bargain.

Malta – St Julian’s

Offering great value for money, Malta has long been associated with a rich history and is often referred to as an open-air museum, making it a culture lover’s paradise. Although Malta is mainly a rocky coastline, there are a few sand spots up for grabs. Every year the nightlife scene in Malta improves with Paceville, the heart of all the action, offering free entry to all outdoor and indoor nightclubs. So if you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun, St Julian is a great place to stay. With a jam-packed events calendar make sure Malta is on your holiday hit list for 2015.

Top Tip

Buses in Malta are extremely cheap and a great way to explore the island.

Costa Rica – Playa Tamarindo

If you fancy travelling further afield for something a little bit different, take a look at Costa Rica. Located in Central America this destination really mixes things up with its stunning natural wonders and rainforests. Spend an action packed day zip-lining over jungle canopies, or how about some adrenaline-pumping river rafting and tubing? Alternatively, if you enjoy relaxing on holiday Costa Rica has a whole host of unspoilt beaches and top notch hotels to choose from.

Top Tip

Pack some comfortable shoes if you’re planning on plenty of action packed days.

Iceland – Reykjavik

Iceland is a newcomer to the top destinations list, but we have confidence that it’s going to be around for a few years, especially Reykjavik its trendy capital which is packed with swanky bars and restaurants. Iceland is a year round destination, although this will depend on what you want to see. In the summer months you can expect a green lush landscape, whereas the winter months will have you searching for the Northern Lights and trying plenty of winter activities.

Top Tip

Plan a visit to Iceland’s famous outdoor Blue Lagoon spa. These naturally heated waters are surrounded by a rugged lava landscape, making them the ideal place to de-stress.

So, where will 2015 take you?