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Top 11 Tips Taking Your Baby Abroad

Having just returned back to work after maternity, I am now looking forward to booking our first family holiday with our eight month old baby girl. I know for a lot of us this can be a daunting experience, as there is so much to think about, but follow these tips and you will soon be enjoying a hassle free family holiday.

Baby Clubs

Now might be a good time, to join all the free baby clubs that well known brands and supermarkets offer. They often send out free sachets of food that are great for travelling.


Take a couple of little toys such as teethers, rattles, teddies and maybe a baby book to keep your baby entertained on the flight. As well as a couple of new toys, babies love familiarity and so it is worth taking a favourite toy, which may help comfort them if they do start to get restless.

Ask For Help

Don’t be shy to ask the flight attendants for help. It is part of their job, and they will be only too happy to warm baby food and milk for you. On most airlines families with babies tend to board first, which gives plenty of time to get to your seats and make yourselves comfortable.

Hotel Or Apartment?

This is a choice that needs to be made, depending on your needs as a family.

Hotels are ideal for families who prefer to have their meals and sometimes drinks included as it helps when budgeting your spending money. However self catering apartments are more spacious and give flexibility for cooking what you like at times that are convenient. They also have fridges to store food and milk.

If you do decide to book a hotel though, you can check beforehand if a fridge is provided or if there is a facility to hire  one.

Baby Medicines

You can now buy pain and fever medicines in boxes of single dose sachets. Brands such as Calpol sell them. They are ideal for popping into your case or hand luggage.

Baby Food

There are quite a few baby foods that come in boxes that you mix with water or milk. These are great for packing in the case when taking your baby abroad.

Keeping Warm On The Flight

It can sometimes get quite cold for a baby on the plane, so it is worth carrying a blanket with you. You may be able to buy them on the plane, but sometimes supplies are limited.

Little Ears

Make sure you have a drink or a bottle to give to baby during take off as this will help reduce ear popping.

Order Online And Collect At Airport

Food and drink restrictions do not apply to hand luggage for babies, however if you take the ready made cartons you will be expected to open and taste them when going through security. Most UK airports have a Boots the chemist through the departure lounge, and you can order what you need online and collect it once you have past security.

If Your Accommodation Doesn’t Have A Bath

A lot of hotels and apartments abroad have showers as opposed to a bath, which may be difficult when trying to bathe a baby. If you take a universal bath plug, these are great for popping in the shower basin or in the sink to make a little bath.

Keeping Cool In The Sun

Baby sun tents are great for keeping baby cool and out of the direct sun. Ideal for days at the beach. They pack flat so can be easily put into a suitcase.

Wherever you are planning to take your little one on holiday whether it is Spain, Mexico or wherever you fancy, follow these tips to make your whole holiday experience a breeze.

Do you have any tips for going on holiday with a baby? Tell us in the comments below.