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Top 10 Travel Apps 2014

The holiday is booked, the countdown has started. When you’re packing for your summer 2014 holidays this year, don’t forget to pack your smartphone or tablet with latest apps that may come in handy along the way.

To give you some ideas, here is the Holiday Hypermarket round-up of the Top 10 Travel Apps for your summer holidays.


1. Big Day Lite – A simple countdown app, with nice animated effects, Big Day Lite is the perfect app to count down the days until the moment you step on the plane.

Available on iPhone and Android


2. Sunscreen – We love to get some sun on our skin, it is one of the main reasons we travel abroad but it is important to make sure you are protected against the harmful rays. The Sunscreen app includes sunbathing guidelines, an alarm to warn you if you’ve been laying out too long, interactive UV map and weather forecasts, so you and your family can always stay protected from the sun.

Available on iPhone 


3. Touchnote – Gone are the days when we had to sit and write out endless postcards to send back home, often to find them arriving days or even weeks after we return. Touchnote postcards are a simple and easy way to stay in touch and make somebody feel special with a personalised card they can keep forever. Imagine granny’s face when she receives that grinning selfie you took on the beach – a far more personal touch than the typical random beach scene. Postcards are only £1.49 and include free worldwide delivery.

Available on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp Abul Hussain via Compfight

4. WhatsApp – Although you are on holiday to escape from home it’s hard not to stay in touch with friends and family. With WhatsApp you can use the local Wi-Fi to send messages and pictures free of charge. This hugely popular app is just as handy once you arrive back home too!

Available on iPhone and Android

GoogleCreative Commons License Carlos Luna via Compfight

5. Google Translate – This is a great app to use if you are struggling with the local lingo. This service simply translates over 80 different languages on the go, so you can order two beers and a packet of salt n’ vinegar wherever you are.

Available on iPhone and Android

Urban Spoon Michael Stephens via Compfight

6. Urbanspoon – If you are a foodie then this is the app for you. Urbanspoon is a free app that helps you find the best dining out options wherever you happen to be. It allows you to check reviews and ratings at over a million restaurants around the world.

Available on iPhone and Android


7. Jetpac –  Want to know where the people ‘just like you’ hangout? Jetpac studies data from publicly shared Instagram images and shares tips on the best bars, music venues and tourist spots around the world. Tell the app what sort of ‘scene’ you’re into, and it will come back with recommendations.

Available on iPhone and Android

Trip Advisor

8. TripAdvisor –TripAdvisor is well known for reviewing your holiday once you are home but by downloading the app you can check out reviews on excursions, restaurants, bars and attractions whilst you are there. They have also introduced a city guide allowing you to follow self-guided tours created by experts.

Available on iPhone and Android

Spotify Blixt via Compfight

9. Spotify – If music is your thing, then Spotify is a must for you, giving you access to a world of music. Create your own playlist of your favourite holiday tunes, lie back and relax in the sun.

Available on iPhone and Android

Candy Crush

Available on iPhone and Android

hyper boy start sreenAvailable on all devices

10. Games – Many of us  have downloaded a game or two at some point to pass the boredom on a flight. Games like Candy Crush, Temple Run, or the ill-fated Flappy Birds can become an addiction for some people. Speaking of which, Flappy Birds inspired the Holiday Hypermarket team to develop its own highly-addictive tribute – Hyper Boy. Can you beat the top scores?

[message_box title=”And finally…” color=”blue”]Don’t forget the golden rule of travelling abroad with a smartphone – remember to switch off your data roaming so you don’t incur unnecessary charges, and connect to the free Wi-Fi wherever possible.  For more tips and hints on keeping the cost down when using your phone abroad, click here