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Top 10 Instagram Pictures of Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Mexico’s Pacific Coast is one of those picture perfect destinations, just begging for visitors to start snapping, filtering and uploading to Instagram. With the incredible photos flying online from destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, we thought it was time we collected the brightest and best, so you can see exactly why it’s such a favourite.

Good morning!

Wake up to the ocean on your front door, and the whole of Mexico‘s Pacific Coast at your disposal. Start your day the right way at Banderas Bay.

The view from your balcony

Not a holidaymaker in sight, the beaches are totally secluded and calling to you. Scope out the best spot on the golden sand before you head down there to start sunning, swimming and snapping those selfies.

First thing’s first

Tiempo de relajación y yoga con mi bella mamita!!! Te amo #aqua #nuevovallarta

A photo posted by Yanet Sedano (@yan_set) on

Nuevo Vallarta’s flawless weather will turn anybody onto yoga, and with the cool water lapping your feet and the sun warming your skin, there’s no better way to welcome in the day.

Eat well, live well

Mexico’s cuisine combines the freshest locally produced ingredients with classic recipes. Breakfast is an important meal out on the Pacific Coast, so load up on those vitamins and hydrate for a day out in Puerto Vallarta.

Swimming with the fishes

#freediving #bluewater #goprohero4 #banderasbay #wildlife

A photo posted by Alen Roma (@alen.roma) on

Explore the underwater kingdom. Coral reefs, schools of fish, and all easily visible in the crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find plenty of places sell all the equipment you need for your own diving experience, including waterproof cameras!

The sky’s the limit

Not terrible times in #Cabo #parasailing #mexico #travel

A photo posted by Jesse Bruyn (@jessebruyn) on

Top of the list, parasailing! With watersports forming a huge part of the Pacific Coast’s attractions, you must not miss out on the amazing activities these sandy beaches have to offer.

Intrepid explorer


A photo posted by Andrew Evans (@andrewevanspk) on

In the forests too, there are so many exciting adventures to be had. Hiking through the trees, ducking into caves and abseiling down waterfalls. Not for the faint of heart, these are the memories that stick with you.

A day ends, a life begins

Welcome new lives as the sun goes down on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The turtle watch tradition is one of the most popular in the country, and watching these baby turtles crawl into the sea for the first time is about as romantic as it gets.

A cocktail or two?

GOODNIGHT GUADALAJARA… #nuevovallarta #nayarit Bound!

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#Puerto #Vallarta #mexico credit: Chris Ford #sunset #pool #amazing #landscape #fitspo #instaday

A photo posted by Diego P (@iamkingsgrove) on

Mexico will be forever etched in your memory, and with sunsets like this it’s no wonder. Never forget this scene, and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. The amazing Mexican sunsets are a must see.

Taken better Instagram photos of the Pacific Coast? Share them in the comments below.