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Top 10 Adventure Activities on Mexico’s Pacific Coast

We usually think of Cancun when we consider our holidays to Mexico, but it’s not just the eastern coast of the country, snug with both the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, that attracts tourists. In the west, the Pacific Ocean looms large, and Mexico’s relationship with it has made the Pacific Coast a hotbed of thrill and adventure. We’ve listed a few of our favourite exciting activities for you to consider.

Hike the Sierra Norte and the Oaxaca Mountains

The chance to see the real Mexico should never be ignored. From Sierra Norte to forgotten villages and ancient monuments, you want to make sure you take in all the sights. The journey ends at the coast, where colourful turtles play on enticing golden sand – a fittingly serene climax to a fantastic journey.

Snorkel in the sea surrounding uninhabited islands

In the Pacific Coast, you’ll find many places where nature runs free, like the unspoilt Marieta Islands. They lie just over an hour’s boat ride from the Riviera Nayarit, and are lush with life. Yet for most visitors, it’s the sights beneath the water’s surface that truly lure you in, including fish of every rainbow hue, mighty sharks, graceful rays and even a secret tunnel leading to a forgotten beach.

Dive into the world of wild dolphins

Deep in the sea, far from the shore, dolphins play and swim together as they have for generations. Specialists are able to take you out to meet these beautiful creatures for yourself, as well as training you in swimming down to get up close and personal with those graceful, elegant and cheeky denizens of the deep.

Gallop on horseback over Quimixto Beach

Nothing could feel as epic as riding a beautiful horse over golden sand. Imagine a sunset emblazoned over dusky lavender sky behind you. At Quimixto Beach, that experience is yours to enjoy, with well-trained and well-groomed equine friends ready to make you look like a hero.

Break the speed limit on a zipline tour

Whether you’re hurtling through the jungle canopy or careening past the Sierra Madre, there are several zipline opportunities in Mexico that deserve your attention. Suspended high above the ground, you’re sent whizzing down the cable at speeds that often soar over 50 miles per hour. Exhilaration is an understatement.

Surf your way around the region

Those who love to let the waves sweep them into adventure tend to gravitate to Mexico’s western coast, where several surfing hotspots can be found. Punta Mita is commonly held as the epicentre of surf culture in Banderas Bay. Meanwhile locations like Mancheta Bay offer waves that roll for huge distances, rising to sensational heights that challenge even the most hardened boarder.

Rappel down the rugged cliffs of the Riviera Nayarit

Head a little inland and the rolling hinterlands of the region give way to dense jungles full of mystery. Surrounded by the grand mountains that flank the Riveira Nayarit region, the views here are spectacular. Laden with harnesses and ropes to keep you safe on your journey, you’re able to rappel down the cliffs to the ground far below.

Sail the pristine water of Banderas Bay

A sailing adventure across Pacific seas is never a bad way to spend your days. Prefer to rev up the rate of knots you’re travelling? Opt for speedboating instead, and watch the waves rollick and foam behind your speedy escape.

Book an ATV tour

As you know, ‘ATV’ stands for ‘All Terrain Vehicle’, otherwise known as a quadbike. These versatile vehicles give you plenty of chances to explore the area, from coastal trails to rainforest excursions, or even cruising through back roads to meet villagers in the small towns that mainstream tourism forgot.

Go all in on a 4×4 adventure

If your own personal ATV isn’t quite enough horsepower for you, there are also opportunities to pile into an offroad truck. Hear the throaty engine bellow as you rumble over mud, dusty expanses and shallow river beds with ease, carving your groove into the fabric of old Mexico and seeing sights no other tourist will ever find.

Mexico’s reputation as an adventure holiday destination is well known and richly deserved. Have a look at our latest deals to book your next adventure holiday.