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Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Holiday Snaps

There is nothing more disappointing than getting home from a holiday and discovering that those once in a lifetime moments that you captured on camera, have not turned out as you wished.

Are you looking at improving your photography skills? Or, do you want some inspiration for some new creative ideas? Well, lucky for you we have compiled some of our best tips and tricks for improving your holiday snaps  so you won’t be disappointed when you look back at them.


Research your destination before you travel or before you even book, this way you can find out where the most photogenic places are.  Also, check what time of the year is best for weather conditions as your photos won’t look the same in the rain! Grab some travel guides or use the internet to find out about the local culture as there may be some local photo etiquette which may come in useful. The more you know about your destination the easier it will be to find the perfect photo opportunity.

Be Ready

Always have your camera at the ready as you never know when a once in a lifetime visual will happen, a soaring eagle perhaps? No one wants to miss out on the chance of a great picture because your camera wasn’t ready to shoot, or you had run out of memory.

There’s No Rush

Take your time. There is almost an undesirable need to rush off and frantically take photo after photo when travelling, especially when you have arrived at a world-famous tourist spot. The problem with this is you’ll soon realise you have lots of identical photos. Plus, many of them are likely to be off focus if you’re constantly snapping away. In the future, stay back, relax and plan your moment wisely. Trust us it will be worth it when you’re looking through your amazing holiday snaps. Use your eyes to survey the best advantage spots to capture that epic image. If you can, wait until the crowds have died down as no one wants hundreds of tourists in the background of their photos.

The Right Accommodation

As advised earlier this will come down to research. Researching your accommodation is essential as you can find out which hotels have the best views and surroundings, providing plenty of photo opportunities without too much effort.

Take Notes

You have your perfect photos but you can’t remember what the photo is of or why you even took it.  So, now is the time to record your memories and make notes about each photo. All you need to do is write a little note with a brief description of the photo. This will make things so much easier when it comes to captioning them.

Taking Photos Of People

If you’re taking photos of local people then make sure that you’re friendly, polite and respectful. Always ask their permission first and keep the camera at eye level as this will create the best shots. Also, if you plan on publishing them then you’ll need to have a signed model release. You can both take cards already printed and ask locals to sign them, or you can download an app to your smart phone such as Easy Release, which also has this function and can be easier than carrying cards. These apps create a legal document, and once signed send a PDF copy to your email.

Stained Glass Windows

These are a great object for some really spectacular photos due to the beautiful colours. If you’re lucky enough to be near a building that has stained glass windows make sure you take the opportunity to photograph them. Be careful to get the right time of day for the best shot, but don’t worry if it’s a little overcast as long as there is some sun this tends to create great photos as it captures the natural light to an almost perfect consistency. Automatic exposure is usually good for taking photos of stained glass. When taking photos make sure that only the window is in the shot as this will be much more dramatic as opposed to having lots of background in it. Make sure the flash is switched off otherwise the flash will bounce back and show in your image, if you get the timing right the natural light should be sufficient.


Take advantage of the weather. While we all wish that our travels are filled with sunshine we also know how unpredictable weather can be. If you do have poor weather try to take advantage of it, for instance, lightning and fog can add some lovely moods to your photos. If using your camera in wet weather conditions cover it with a plastic bag and cut a hole out at the lens. Or, you can purchase covers specifically for this use.

Reflection of Beauty

Bring some uniqueness to your pictures with this creative but very simple technique. Why not take the image through a reflection? What you use is entirely up to you, but sunglasses, a puddle, or a window are all great examples. Even the most photographed landmarks will look unique this way.

Back To School

It may be worth taking a short amateur photography course before you travel – this way you can pick up plenty of useful practical tips and techniques from fellow members of the class. And most local communities will hold these classes.

Travel photography can bring about a lot of opportunities, whether you take photographs for your own personal sense of achievement or if you intend to become a professional. We do hope these tips will help you on your upcoming travels. However, if you’re already pretty good with a camera and have some different tips share them with us below.