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Three Lucky Ryanair Passengers Win Top Scratchcard Prize On Same Flight

Ryanair has launched an enquiry after three separate passengers on the same flight all won the top scratchcard prize.

Ryanair Had Three Top Winners On One Flight

The low cost airline blamed a printing error after each of the three passengers won a car worth £11,500 on the in-flight scratchcard game.

The passengers bought the £2 cards on the Milan to Madrid flight recently and were shocked to have each won a car despite an average of one car usually being won each month across the whole airline.

Ryanair were quick to blame printers Brandforce for the mistake, however have pledged to honour the prizes and give the passengers a car each.

Ryanair often court controversy and use the scratchcards, which they have been selling since 2008 to increase their ancillary sales. The airline make around a quarter of its annual income from these ‘add-on’ sales which also include check-in fees, booking fees and luggage charges, all of which have increased in price by 700% since 2006.