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Three Arrested Over South Africa Hijacking

Following the devastating murder of his wife, Anni Dewani, grieving husband, Shrien Dewani, urges tourists not to shun South Africa just because of what happened to them.

The heartbreaking news hit our headlines just over a week ago and has covered our front pages ever since. The couple, travelling in a taxi, had taken a detour through the Cape Town suburb of Gugulethu when their car was ambushed by two armed men who forced their driver out. After driving for 20 minutes, the hijackers forced Mr Dewani out of the vehicle, driving away with his wife. Her body was found the following morning on the back seat of the abandoned car.

Mr Dewani has since said that South Africa was still an “amazing country” and it would be “irrational” for prospective tourists to miss out on what it had to offer just because of the high crime rate. He said: “What has happened to us is tragic but you can’t punish the whole country for the actions of two individuals. That would be irrational. On the whole the people here have been overwhelmingly friendly and caring. I think that any time you are away from your comfort zone you have to exercise caution. But I wouldn’t say ‘don’t come to South Africa’.”

But in recent articles, Mr Dewani is set to be defending his innocence after whispers about his involvement came about. Shrien poured out his anguish about the nightmare, sobbing: “How could anyone say I killed her? Saying I was somehow involved simply defies logic. I feel like I’ve been robbed of the rest of my life.”

However police in Cape Town rubbished press speculation yesterday about “inconsistencies” in his account of Anni’s kidnap – centring on how he escaped injury when thrown from their hijacked vehicle. Last night, Zolo Tongo, the driver of the taxi was behind bars accused of murder. The 31-year-old was hauled before a court and also charged with kidnap and robbery. Two suspects have been arrested for the murder of Mrs Dewani, however cops believe Zolo Tongo tipped off the two men about where he was taking the newlyweds.