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Thomson offer child free holidays

Leading tour operator Thomson aim to be the first mainstream travel company to offer child free holidays. They intend to lead the way in adult only holidays with their new Thomson Couples range.

Thomson now offer child free holidays

The operator surveyed 1,378 adults in March this year, questioning them about their feelings of being around children when on holidays abroad. The findings showed that 79% admitted to being ‘affected’ by other people’s children, with 31% going so far as to say they had had holidays completely ruined by other people’s unruly offspring.

They also revealed that 35% ‘agreed unequivocally’ with the statement that ‘hell is other people’s children on holiday’ and 40% admitted to their own children spoiling their holiday, whilst 4% confessed that they had been known to ‘ruin it completely’.

Luke Gaskins, head of product development at Thomsons stated “Just as our Family resorts are focused on keeping children entertained, Couples is completely geared to adult relaxation and together time. At a Couples hotel, peace and quiet come as standard.” Gaskins explained that whilst Thomsons appreciated the importance of families spending quality time together, they also wanted to cater for the adults, enabling them to spend precious time together aswell.

Thomson Couples holidays are available now and can take you to destinations throughout the world including Crete, Portugal, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Each hotel will also be part of Thomson’s Premier Collection which means they will all be rated 4T and 5T with guests receiving an increased baggage allowance, day before check-in, priority transfers and a dedicated holiday advisor throughout their stay.