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Why there’s more to Lapland than Santa

As the season to be jolly approaches a trip to Lapland seems like the ideal getaway. Every December children and adults come from all over the world to pay Father Christmas that all-important visit. He may be the main attraction for most, but this winter destination has so much more to offer – and we don’t mean elves and red-nosed reindeer! So, if you’re too old to sit on Santa’s knee here’s what you should be doing on your trip to the Finnish Resort.

Snowmobiles at night

Get your thermals at the ready because it’s going to be a frosty ride. Snowmobiling at night is one of the best ways to explore Lapland’s wilderness without the worry of getting lost. This fast-paced vehicle will see visitors whizzing through stunning Lappish scenery like a scene from a James Bond film. But don’t worry if you’re a beginner because all riders will be given a thorough introduction and shown how to operate their snowmobiles safely. Once everyone is comfortable, it’s time to hit the darkened forest for an unforgettable ride.

The search for the Northern Lights

You can’t visit Lapland without a hunt for The Northern Lights. This light phenomenon appears in the arctic sky on a clear, dark night and is visible roughly 200 nights a year, so your chances of witnessing this natural wonder are fairly high. Venture deep into the Arctic Circle where there are plenty of spots which offer astonishing views of the spectacle. Or, if you don’t want to stand in the same place for hours waiting for the sky to illuminate, then why not combine your viewing experience with a fun winter activity? This way you won’t feel like you’ve wasted a night if the lights don’t show.

Reindeer sleigh rides

Are you finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year? Well, it’s about time you un-Scrooge, and a reindeer ride through Lapland’s snowy countryside is bound to do the trick. We can’t promise a meeting with Rudolph, but riding in a sleigh pulled by one of his friends will definitely have you singing ‘Jingle All The Way’. So, hold on tight as you glide through frosty forests and make tracks in freshly fallen snow.

Cosy log cabins

Open fires, Christmas card-like window views, private hot tubs and warm interiors. Yes, the best place to stay in Lapland is a log cabin. With daytime temperatures dropping as low as -20°C in December, picture yourself shedding some layers and cosying up next to a crackling fire while you toast marshmallows and sip on warm hot chocolate.

Skiing and snowboarding

When people think of skiing resorts, Lapland doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. In fact, there are surprisingly plenty of areas to ski in Lapland and Levi is one of them. Offering 65 miles of slopes served by 26 lifts, winter sports lovers will feel right at home. Levi is also perfect for first-time skiers who may feel out of their comfort zone in one of Europe’s main ski resorts. Its not particularly high altitude and quieter slopes means beginners can learn at their own speed. Plus, being so close to the Arctic Circle, snow is guaranteed most of the year.

Plucked from fairy tale surroundings

Located just 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle surrounded by fells, frozen lakes and untouched forests, you can’t get much closer to nature than this resort. With vast national parks and marked nature trails, outdoor enthusiasts can explore this remote and picturesque region at their own pace. But make sure you tread carefully because there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting. Grouse, capercaillie and lemming are all common sightings in this area, so don’t leave home without your hi-tech camera!

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