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The Very Best of #hotdogsorlegs on Instagram

We all need a good laugh now and again, and one of the best ways to get ourselves chuckling is by looking at ridiculous holiday photos on instagram. One of the newest insta trends is to take pictures of your legs with the hashtag #hotdogsorlegs. And though some may be more obvious than others, it’s still a fun way to pass the time and an excuse to drool over the beautiful destinations in the background.

Here’s a few of our favourite photos from the #hotdogsorlegs instagram trend.

filter made me way tanner than I’ll ever be #hotdogsorlegs #pokemongo #pokemon #eevee #favoritepokemon

A photo posted by ??✨emmily christiani✨?? (@totallyvisceral) on

#Hotdogsorlegs is taken into a whole new dimension and kept current with the addition of Pokemon Go characters. Who knew Eevee liked hot dogs so much?

When Devon turned tropical #hotdogsorlegs ?

A photo posted by Lizzie (@lizmcfadyen) on

This is probably the quintessential #hotdogsorlegs photo. A pair of tanned legs and a beautiful background of sand and ocean. It’s obvious these are legs are not hot dogs, but the picturesque holiday surroundings mean we don’t really care, we’re too busy thinking of where we can book our next adventure.

Is there anything better than sitting by the ocean with your favourite cocktail in hand and a good book by your side? We don’t think so. This shot epitomises what the ideal holiday is all about. Pina colada anyone?

@mckenzie__bennett when you try to do #hotdogsorlegs #fail #dominicanrepublic

A photo posted by Jill Sweeney (@jillysween) on

Which ones are the hot dogs and which are the legs? Well, it’s pretty clear which one has the better tan going on. With the palm trees in the distance and the vibrant blue of the pool, this looks like the perfect spot to soak up some rays.

Sausage Sunday #tootinglido #sausagefest #poolside #lidolife #sweatinginthecity #hotdogsorlegs #sundayfunday

A photo posted by The Adventures of Griffindor (@lauragriff08) on

This isn’t a bad effort! They forgot to add the relish though. Those legs definitely remind us of some hot dogs, it’s about time to start up the barbecue and get a few sausages going on the grill. Our stomachs are rumbling…


A photo posted by Jaycee Ferguson (@jaycee_04_22) on

This is probably the best one we’ve seen yet. Is it #hotdogsorlegs? We’ll let you be the judge of that. No matter what it is though one thing is for certain, we’d love to be on that yacht, with the wind in our hair and not a care in the world.

☀️☀️ legs? Or hairy hotdogs? ☀️☀️ #hydepark #london #hotdogsorlegs

A photo posted by Sam Dexter (@mr_s_dexter) on

Hmmm, we don’t think hot dogs are meant to have so much hair on them, do you? Not really what you want to find at a supermarket. This #hotdogsorlegs is a definite #hotdogsorlegsfail.

Now this is more like it, exotic coastline and white sandy shores. Those hot dogs look a bit on the crispy side, but still delicious for a little beach side lunch. This location looks divine and it’s a place we would absolutely love to be right now. As for the #hotdogsforlegs hashtag, we know what you are but we don’t care, bring on the ketchup.

In desperate need to make use of #hotdogsorlegs? Book your holiday today!





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