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The Ultimate Guide to Playa De Las Americas

While there are countless ways to explore Tenerife, chances are that your visit to the island will feature Playa De Las Americas in one way or another.

Whether that’s for the stunning hotels, the vast beaches, the lively after-dark activities or the delicious dining opportunities, this jewel of Tenerife’s southwest is well worth your time.

As the most famous of Tenerife’s purpose-built resorts, you might think you know everything there is to learn about Playa De Las Americas already. However, we’ve got some insider knowledge on the place well worth brushing up on before your next holiday to Tenerife.

A bevy of beaches

Playa De Las Americas gives you access to six beaches, each with their own personalities and activities.

While some favour lazy days and sunbathing, others pump up the party atmosphere or thrive on watersports and adrenaline.

Each of these beaches is drenched in sunshine all year round.

The town’s main stretch is a breezy and open beach where blue skies are the norm. The sand is pale and inviting, yet the beach also bustles with crowds all around the clock.

Thanks to the club scene of Playa De Las Americas, beachfront bars are in plentiful supply, so you’re never far from cocktails on the coast.

You’ll find that Playa De Las Americas Beach hosts some incredible parties, sometimes even inviting DJ decks out onto the sand.

Elsewhere, beaches like Playa Del Camison in the south and Playa Honda with its natural plant life have a secluded and natural feel, while Playa Del Bobo and Playa De Troya have a slightly more cultured and historic feel.

The fun never stops

Playa De Las Americas is, as you already know, the party capital of the Canary Islands. Parties roar in the centre of Playa De Las Americas, especially in the vibrant neon Veronicas strip, at all hours of the day and night.

It’s here that Tramps Tenerife is to be found, one of the world’s most vibrant nightclubs and often the host to world-class DJ talent.

There are plenty of other places to play besides though, including O’Neill’s, Papagayo Beach Club and, further afield, more secluded drinking hotspots like The Hole in the Wall Irish Pub.

Nightlife in Playa De Las Americas is loud and proud, and you’ll find that drinks are affordable, deals are plentiful, cocktails are everywhere and party-goers are out until sunrise.

Beach parties are a major draw here too, so you can expect plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nightlife right by the water’s edge.

Daytime delights

Playa De Las Americas isn’t just for the clubbing crowd, couples, families and holidaymakers of all kinds make their way here every year.

That’s thanks to its affordability, which translates to great value for money once you realise how much there is to do here.

For one thing, watersports of all kinds can be enjoyed during your Playa De Las Americas holiday. While Tenerife attracts fans of adrenaline out on the waves across each of its coastline regions, in Playa De Las Americas the bravest and boldest tend to gather.

Even if you’ve never strapped on scuba gear or tried your hand at surfing before, this part of the island offers countless specialists able to help you learn from the best.

You can expect windsurfing, water-skiing and jet-ski rides to be part of the action out on the water, and for a more tame experience, you can take a yacht or boat tour out to the most stunning sights.

If you’re looking to mix your getaway with a hearty dose of retail therapy, Playa De Las Americas has plenty to offer. Shopping here isn’t just souvenirs and handicrafts like you might expect from beach holidays elsewhere.

Some of the biggest names in retail, including Zara and Hugo Boss, have opened their doors in the town’s streets to entice us lucky holiday-goers.

Bargain hunting in the sun is a real joy, and the main attractions are both the palm tree-lined avenue of the Golden Mile, where stores of all kinds await you, and the Safari Shopping Centre for high-end fashion and tech.

The gateway to adventure

While Playa De Las Americas is amazing in its variety of ways to spend your time, what also makes the resort Tenerife’s best and most popular is that it’s so well connected and so close to many of the island’s best locales.

For golfing fans, there’s no finer place to hang your hat between games. At the centre of the resort is Resort Las Americas, an 18-hole golf course boasting both straightforward fairways and more challenging holes that feature lakes as a dicey water hazard.

What’s more, Playa De Las Americas is close to Golf Del Sur, the island’s premier golfing experience where world-class players hone their techniques.

For a day out for the whole family, you can catch a direct bus line from Playa De Las Americas to Siam Park, one of the best waterparks in Europe.

Here you’ll find all kinds of themed areas, as well as massive water slides and fast-moving chutes that whisk you through colourful scenery at thrilling speeds.

Restaurants, souvenirs and activity centres dotted across the park make this a great option for a day trip.

Should you instead want to immerse yourself in the brilliance of nature, Playa De Las Americas is a fantastic base for visiting Mount Teide. The volcanic mountain presides over the island’s heart in its lush natural park.

If you’re not up for hiking the trail to its lofty peak, complete with the majestic views that offers, you can take the famous cable car ride up into the heights.

Playa De Las Americas offers countless ways to make the most of Tenerife. Let us know in the comments your favourite memories of this vibrant resort.