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The Sparkling, Sensational & Spectacular Maldives

Having travelled to the Maldives before (previously to Kuredu Island….twice!) Meeru for me had a lot to live up to. Kuredu had always been the love of my life, ever since I first laid eyes on it, however now, I had new loves in my life, Alex, a baby on the way and a new love on the horizon….Meeru Island Resort.

After a 24 hour delay due to technical difficulties, you could say we didn’t get off to the best start! However, after a 10 hour flight and a smooth speedboat transfer, Meeru Island was finally in sight as it sparkled away on the sunny horizon.

As the boat neared, Meeru came into its own, with its long white sandy beaches bordering the heart and soul of the island, along with several smiley faces waiting to greet its newest guests.

The welcome we received couldn’t have been any warmer and consisted of a fresh cold face cloth joined by an ice-cold fruit cocktail which went down a treat! After swiftly checking-in its guests, their mission is to get you unpacked and out exploring the islands treasures as soon as possible.

We were shown to our room where we awaited our luggage which was with us within 20 minutes. After a quick change and some factor 30 sun cream, Alex and I were ready and raring to go!

The accommodation on the island is second to none, with something for everyone’s budget, and range from; standard beach villas which are basic but clean, to Jacuzzi water villas which sit above the sparkling Indian Ocean giving incredible views of the sea-life as well as privacy.

The island’s motto (as on most, if not all of the Maldivian Islands) is ‘No Shoes No News’….and that’s exactly what you’ll find. There’s no need to wear shoes which will only get stuck in the sand and frankly will make your feet sweat, and the only place you’ll find the news (if it’s really that important to you) is on the internet, which can take a while to load!

After getting to grips with the chilled out, come and go as you please atmosphere, we did just that! We slept on our sunbeds, laid back and read book after book, and when we started feeling peckish we headed to the restaurant for some beautiful fresh food.

The two main restaurants on the island served exactly the same meals and followed identical themes, from French and Italian to Maldivian and Indian, the choice was endless.

When the sun eventually set, we’d head out for a drink and a spot of entertainment. When I say a spot, that’s exactly what I mean! If you’ve come for bingo and the occasional night of karaoke, you’ve come to the wrong place! The liveliest evening is the live bands night (which were excellent!), where you can have a drink and a dance until the early hours.

Life on the island goes by so quick and there are never enough hours in the day to sunbathe for as long as you’d like to! The heat in the Maldives is immense and can catch you off guard when falling asleep! But that’s what those beautiful, sparkling blue waters are there for!

The sea is amazing as is the sea-life. With baby reef sharks swimming the shallow shores and stingrays casually blending in with their surroundings, you won’t know where to begin! Grab your snorkel and dive straight in because you won’t want to miss a thing!

Having snorkelled before, Alex and I enjoyed every minute of it and found it easy and comfortable to float along these tranquil waters. With puffer fish, trigger fish and many many more surrounding your every move, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Our only disappointment was not seeing any sea turtles, although the pair of manta-rays we found more than made up for that.

For those fortunate enough to be staying in a Jacuzzi water villa, you’ll probably spend most evenings as we did. After dining and drinking, we’d head back to our villa and lay out on our decking watching sharks and sting rays swimming gallantly by, without a care in the world.

Meeru Island Resort offers everything you could wish for, from powder like beaches and sparkling turquoise waters to endless spa treatments and sporting activities for all. The staff on the island make your stay what it is….a relaxing, exotic, luxurious trip of a lifetime….or if you’re lucky like me, one of many in a lifetime!